Sold one to CarMax

Sold my 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro to carmax last week w/ 22k miles (which I got a smoking deal from @Bostoncarconcierge). Carmax bought it for $46.2k, buyout was $35k…walked out w/ a $11.2k check, crazy times we are living in.


Not bad at all, well done - what was the total cost of your payments over the lease term?

$10.4k over 24mths :sunglasses:

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Was that one of the few 12% off MSRP Tacoma TRD Pro’s with base mf and a pretty high rv?

I believe it was 15% discount off of msrp

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These days, 15% almost looks like a typo :cry:

CarMax claims that a vehicle must have an AutoCheck report in order for them to purchase. Anyone have experience with this? That seems a bit odd… if you are able to prove a lending account and proof of registration, who cares?

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Yeah they have a strict requirement on this, they need to see at least one record on the Autocheck report

Interesting, I had never heard of that until seeking an appraisal. I would assume the registration would be the first to appear on the AutoCheck? I wonder how long that (typically) takes.

Yep usually registration is the first thing recorded. I’m currently stuck waiting for this too.
Just keep checking on Autocheck with your VIN, it’s free to just see if there are any records for a vehicle without paying for a full report.

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I think it typically takes 2/3 weeks.

It’s probably highly dependent on your state. I know my carfax record updated within a few days, still waiting for Autocheck


Yes, same experience here. The carfax seems to be updated very quickly…autocheck I have no idea…

My registration was updated in the state’s system, I’ve received the paperwork, but nothing shows on autocheck. :thinking:

Has anyone picked up a vehicle out of state and sold to carmax local to the dealership?

Did you get your quote locally, or call that dealer?

Trying to figure out some logistics.

Where you got the car is irrelevant. Just go to the Carmax location most convenient for you.

They will not acquire certain leases. Beyond that they only need to know if any lien needs to be paid off.

You’ll need a proper registration if you got the vehicle very recently (not temp). And title obviously, if it’s been paid in full.

I’m driving 6-7 hours to pick up a 4xe. There’s a carmax 30 mins from the dealer. My question is will the carmax offer vary from location to location? My car I’m selling is so new it needs an in person appraisal.

The offer is only good for a week and I doubt you get it fully registered by then so it might be a waste of effort even if they do appraise it before being fully registered

I own the car I’m selling to carmax. I have for 3 months. Trying to save shipping the 4xe or bringing a second person with me.

I don’t think so, because I don’t think they generate the valuation on-site. The person on-site takes photos, looks for damage and test drives the car before inputting that information into their computer AFAIK.

Extreme differences might be an exception. A car like, say, a convertible is worth more in Florida than in Minnesota, especially in December. But it’s not worth more in Wisconsin.

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