Sold one to CarMax

Sold the HA almost shed a tear but going to order another one to one pay

4xe HA cold weather and mats
MSRP 59.7k
Offer 59k
Payoff was 48,400 (upfront tax’d state)

Check was for 10.6k
-shipping $850
-broker/affiliate fee $500
DAS- $1000

Profit around 8k not bad


How many miles on yours?

890 at turn in

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Hey guys, I figured someone would know here. Is genesis finance the same as Hyundai finance? I ask because Carvana and carmax don’t buy out from Hyundai but I see no mention of Genesis Finance. Currently have offers of 37.5 from carmax and 40,570 from Carvana.

Pretty sure it’s the same company behind a different logo.

21 HA granite with 1,100 miles.

Highest offer was from carmax. Even took it into auto nation for in person offer but they didn’t bite.
Second highest was carvana manual review for 56,000. I’m starting to realize that these offers sometimes fluctuate on what state your selling in so this post doesn’t mean carmax is paying the most.

Was hoping for 59k like @laker got.

Part of my msrp included the dual top option so i didn’t take the soft top to carmax so i should be able to sell it for at least 1,000 since its new in box. I shouldn’t have ordered dual top but i knew nothing about jeeps prior to the big jeep wrangler thread.

Msrp 60,220 june order and june msrp pre hike.
Cold weather, advanced safety,dual top opts
Sold to carmax for 58,000
Payoff 47,547 = 10,453

The only out of pocket money was 1,000 down but the top im selling offsets that so profit of 10,453 if i get 1k for top.


2021 4Runner Limited @ 10k miles. Sold to CarMax for $51,000. Vehicle was financed. Bought the vehicle for $43k 10 months ago.

  • Carvana = $48,798
  • Vroom = $48,555
  • CarBuyerUSA = $49,871
  • ALGO = $49,600
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Recently (11/23/21) sold my 2018 BMW 340xi with 12,100 miles to CarMax in Hartford CT for $40,200. It was the full online appraisal. Looks like the list of leased vehicles that CarMax cannot purchase got longer… pic attached

Have not sold it but Carmax was recently the highest offer among

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Agreed, I went to 9 of these other online sites of the companies listed and CarMax was the highest. The CarMax rep was very chatty about CarMax buying newer vehicles and quickly selling them. There were a lot of people on the CarMax lot looking at vehicles as well as seated at sales desks on a Sunday night.

Thanks for the info. I’m gonna stop by my local car max on Monday, see what they would offer for my 21’ 4Runner ORP.

Carmax will give you a price online. No need to go in

On a 2021 you need to go in store to get a price

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You can usually request to have them send you a link for uploading photos

Where do you request it? For the link to photo’s

I’ve tried and they said no-go. In store valuation only or go to edmunds valuation which theyll honor.
These were PA/NJ stores.

2018 Passat SE. bought for $20k cash in October 2018 with 11k miles. Car has 49k miles on it now, so added roughly 38k miles.

Carmax and vroom best offer of $21,400. Dropping it off today at carmax.


Carmax offer is $1,000 lower than competitors. Is it possible for Carmax to increase their offer or is it fixed?

They’re pretty well fixed

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They are fixed, however, after 7 days you need a reappraisal and the offer can change after reappraisal.