Sold one to CarMax

Interesting! Yeah they offered me a ton of money. I actually put that there were about 600 miles more on the car than there are, although I doubt that would change the price much. I called them and they did verify that the price is honored unless there’s some huge discrepancy, like you said.

I have almost 11k in equity, I feel like it’s a waste to pass it up but I thought about ordering a wrangler 4XE but the wait is like 12-16 weeks.

Keep us updated!

Did You try Rodo? Sounds like rhey are close to Carmax quote and i guess technically they can buy any lease beside Volvo

Sold my 2015 Kia Optima LX for $11k. Bought it used for $14k in late 2015. Put over 40k miles on it and all tires need to be replaced. CarMax offered $11k and even after they appraised/inspected it, they agreed to pay $11k.


How did you make out

Just got back from Carmax. They offered me $43,400 online for my 2020 GC Trailhawk and when I got there they honored the price. Couldn’t have been easier.

In case anyone is antsy, we sold our Subie 13 days (10 business days) ago and still has not been closed out. I’ll give it a full 15 business days and then call them. Figuring they’re just backed up.


I would call. I called subaru motors finance the same day I sold my Subaru to carmax (3 weeks ago). They read off two forms to me clearing me of ownership and by the next day the lease account was removed online

I’ll call Monday. It’s really not an emergency. The account is current.

Didn’t have to call - account disappeared from my chase dashboard this morning, so i’m assuming it is paid off.


Anyone know how long it takes them to post a vehicle that you sold them? I’m so curious how much they will ask for it

Took three weeks for carmax to list my truck. They ended up sending it to another carmax 500 miles away. I also heard they do send some vehicles they buy to auctions.

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Congratulations! Great time of year to be rolling in cash!

Got an online quote from Carmax for a 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited with Eyesight and 40K miles. I reported it in excellent condition even though it had a small dent above the driver side wheel well, a few dings, and a small crack/hole in the rear bumper. Quote was $24K. Was ready to get that reduced a bit for the above issues, but after taking it in for the onsight appraisal they didn’t make any adjustments to the online quote at all. Very pleased :slight_smile:


I was able to get one last lease sold to Carmax.

After some going back and forth, Tesla decided to honor the request even though 3rd party lease buyout with Carmax/Tesla ended 2 weeks ago. It’s a long story but was pushed through, since the request came prior to the change – I did an online buyout request last month just to see what the buyout would be and that saved me.

2020 Model 3 Performance
Currently in month 13 of 36 lease.
Love the car but needed new tires and thought let’s see if I could make a little profit.
Buy out $45,032. Headed to Carmax and appraisal came back at $58,000 !!!
Done :slight_smile:

Got a check for a little over 12k and ordered a new performance. Buying this time.
4 days later, 45k posted to Tesla account and we are good.
Such an easy process. The car was handed over to Carmax in Broward County, FL on a Monday night and at a Carmax in Alabama by Tuesday night.


Wow that was quick for the payment to be posted! They told me it takes 15 days minimum for them to mail the check.

My next payment was 6 days from when the buyout packet was initiated. Tesla stated payment was due by then or they would have to create a new packet (buy out) and the rep said under the circumstances, she wasn’t sure if they would do that. Not sure if that was BS or not but before I left carmax we had that understanding. I called carmax the next day and waited on hold for over 30 minutes for the manager in the business center to verify check was sent out. I wasn’t letting this deal go :slight_smile:

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What was your payoff?

It was around $46300

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I have 2021 genesis g80
It leased vehicle…
Can i sell my car to carmax?
Cavarna no accept buy my car.
I don’t want buy out.
I don’t want pay tax.

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