Sold one to

I haven’t seen this company posted here so curious if anyone had experience to offer. Haven’t digged into their info whether they are licensed/bonded in CA but it’s another “online” dealer that comes over to inspect and complete paperwork at your home/office

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Re-opening thread as I know some members have been getting strong values from Allcars for EVs.

Put in my info- getting an inspection tomorrow. Does anyone know the process?

Do offers typically stay the same or get adjusted?

Timeline if everyone agrees to the purchase?


@buster11xx how did your inspection and the rest of the process go?

Inspection was 8 days ago. After that they went silent. Car is 4 months old with 1500 miles- so I know they didn’t find any surprises. I followed up with them this morning to see if they can give me an update.

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So they just ghosted you?

I did reach back out (by text- my only way to communicate) after a week went by. The person said they were surprised I had not heard anything back and would look into it. It has been silent ever sense. I will reach out again once another week passes.

anyone has better experience with these guys? Right now, they have the best offer for me

Update to my All Cars deal:

2 weeks to the day of my inspection being done I still have not heard anything. I reached out again to see what was going on. The rep responded with:

Hi Buster11xx,

Sorry for the delay. Due to current inventory needs and a bit of a market adjustment, we have a finalized offer of XX,XXX. Does this work for you?

The adjusted offer went down $3,500. It was not condition (also confirmed by the text) as the car is a few months old with 1500 miles and in great shape.

I countered in the middle as I know that the revised offer is better than what I can get today (my counter was $1700 higher than the revised offer). After speaking with a manager they came up $750. So it is now $2745 lower than where we started 2 weeks ago.

Now that they have the numbers in line with what they are wanting to pay now the process has started-- they have asked for all of the documents to start the transaction.

Edit: 22 MYLR for reference

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@boozinix - how is your process going with AllCars?

They ghosted me on a Tesla 21 MYP offer. Accepted the initial offer but they never responded to schedule inspection. Perhaps because they found out they were over offering on these while the market is plunging.

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Right now, they have offered me $1.5k above what everyone else is offering. Debating if I should take that up or will that go up in flames.

They need to inspect the vehicle, which they have scheduled for next week.

Yeah I might end up going with someone else. Not worth the risk here

Final update from All Cars- They sent the paperwork with the new negotiated amount. I called a local dealer that I had sold a Jeep with in the past. They offered $500 more than All Cars. Let All Cars know I was not going with them. Got a million calls and texts from them after I let them know that I was doing a different deal. They offered $250 more than the local deal- but I rejected it. It is funny how no one will respond while going through the process- but when you back out they all want to talk with you.

Dropped of the car earlier today- all is good.


I walked away from a theoretical $1,250.

With valuations fluctuating I didn’t want to let the other guaranteed (in terms of both money and time) offers expire.

Looks like no one has sold a car to them here. Anyone received a check?

Don’t bother with these :clown_face:

Just got the highest offer from them for a 4xe as well (only couple hundos). Going to just stay away.