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I had an Allcars inspection yesterday and their offer is 6.5k lower than initial offers 2 weeks ago for an almost new Wrangler 4xe. What a waist of my time.

This seems to be the norm vs an exception with Allcars.

Can attest to Allcars shady behavior. They dropped their offer by 10% after inspection even though car had less than 100 miles. I’d avoid the hassle altogether.

2 weeks to get inspection out, 2 weeks to review the inspection that only found a nickel size dent, only to have them come back with this boiler plate text

“thank you for your patience. Unfortunately the report came back and we are not anywhere near our initial offer pending the inspection. In your case this is not in relation to the condition of the vehicle but the condition of the market right now. Sorry we cannot make an offer but best of luck in the sale of your vehicle and getting the number you are looking for.”

Super shady. Most likely the beginning of the end for these 3rd party buyers. Selling to dealers and private parties here on out.

What I cannot understand is why put the $$ into inspections from a 3rd party. These have to cost $$. Maybe if someone takes the bait and the lower offers they make up the initial costs in the long run. I was excited to get the initial offer- It was way above market- sometimes if it is too good to be true…

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Similar experience here. Received an offer $4500 higher than carvana, cargurus or vroom - accepted it. Inspection guy no-showed twice, arrived on the third scheduling. Inspector said everything checked out, no damage, report uploaded. I called my contact the next day who confirmed the report was in, but they hadn’t gotten any offers anywhere close to what they were expecting - why is that my problem? They also said it had a check engine light code lol. Its a brand new electric car. Still haven’t received a reduced offer from these guys. After reading this thread, thinking I should stay away regardless. Planning to close out sale with cargurus tomorrow.

As another datapoint, CarBuyersUSA also inspected my car, found no issues, but reduced the offer by $1500 after inspection for the reason of it having an open loan, which was disclosed during the quoting process before they even made an offer.

My inspection is tomorrow (after waiting 2 weeks). Its $2k higher than anything I have received so far but based on peoples experiences, I’ll likely forgo that.

I did try to ask them to schedule earlier and they have said in an email that the original offer is valid after the inspection, unless that inspection finds somethign

Inspector will find nothing- Allcars will drag their feet for 2 weeks and come back with a lower offer. If you have other offers in hand you may want to peruse them. They could all be lower by the time Allcars gets back to you will a revised lower offer.

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Update on my allcars situation:

Adjusted offer is coming in at $1500 less than original. After talking with my allcars contact I’m getting a lot of fluff about this particular buyer and that he was hesitant to sign on but he thinks its squared away… etc. I’m worried they will stretch this out and bail in some way.

I think I’m going with cargurus who is $2500 less than allcars tomorrow, as crazy as that sounds. I’d like to close this out before market drops too much more (my offers from the big names are about 2k less than last week. Driveway dropped 4k in two weeks).

22 Kia EV6 Wind AWD for reference

My Vroom offer dropped 6k, carbuyer dropped 5k, carvana dropped 3k. Its all over the place. So yes, im not taking a risk with these guys

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Update: Inspector never showed up. I emailed them about it, they said its been a mix-up and that they’l be there in a few hours. No nothing so far.

Yeah, these Allcars want NOCARS lol,

My inspection was done on 9/15 Jeep was showing in my account as pending offer, I logged in a couple of days later and there was NO JEEP in the account anymore-I texted them 9/19 and they responded 9/20 “Hello, I will have an update today” … well now it’s the 24th and still waiting for that “update”
They first messed up my first appointment when it was scheduled, I told them I have no registration for it yet, so they said “Oh, ok then let’s wait till you get it”. So inspector shows up for the as I perceived CANCELLED appointment and they leave a voicemail that he is waiting at the address haha what a bunch of cluelessness
Their initial offer said $53K pending inspection, I got a local non-jeep dealer associated with AN offer me $53,250 so will go with them today or tomorrow

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Update from me. Inspector never showed up. The agent texted and tried to schedule for the same day and then the next day. I just told them don’t bother.