SOLD, 440i MSport

Best deal on a high spec MSport 440i Coupe. Take advantage today!

I’m offering an incentive by way of security deposits making the effective payment $457 (you get $4,550 back at lease end)

What about those expensive MSport brakes, you ask? Ultimate Care+ is included and carries over so they’re covered! Generous, right? What are you waiting for?

You must have excellent to be approved for the transfer, I do not control this

(Available as of 1/20/2020)

2019 BMW 440i Coupe

  • Current Miles/ODO: 3,600 – Originated with 300
  • Exterior Color: Melbourne Red
  • Interior Color: Cognac Dakota Leather

Trim, Options:

  • M Sport
  • Track Handling Package
  • Driving Assistance Package
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Front Lip, Interior Package
  • 19" 704M
  • Park Distance Control
  • Apple Carplay
  • Wifi
  • Heated Seats
  • Ultimate Care+ Included

Financials, Term:

  • MSRP: $67,940
  • Monthly Payment: $620 ($457 effective w/Incentive)
  • Drive-Off Amount: $500
    ($500 Transfer Fee payable to BMWFS, MSD as incentive with $4,550 refundable at lease end)
  • Months: 28/36
  • Annual Mileage: 12,000
  • Miles Remaining: 32,700 (1,168/mo)
  • Region: North TX


Not to be too much off topic but these can get up to $68k?!? Oh my!

Anyway beautiful car. Good luck with the transfer. Hope it all works out and you get into the m340.

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Sticker is bottom picture for options list.

Man… you move through cars worse than I do :laughing:

Bump for a sick car, and good seller, and great payment on that option list!


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so pretty :open_mouth: wish this was NY lol

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I know, I have incredibly bad ADD when it comes to cars but after being in an M340i loaner for a week and several 330i loaners I’m finding it increasingly difficult to resist the urge to grab one (I really love the LCP/ID7 system despite the reversed tach)


The car is only a flight away and tax is fully capped into the payment so I really doubt the payment would go up (it could even go down but I’ll have to check with FS on this)

I feel your pain, people at work are worried about me! I’ve had 5 different cars in the past year. It’s a sickness

I’m also with you on the new 3 series platform, tech is really nice :+1:t2: I recently did the BMW ultimate autocross event with the 330i and was in love with the interior, and it performed surprisingly well… even considering I was in a M3 CS at the time.

I almost took a deal on that Mandarin 440 GC that was being discussed on the forum, haven’t posted deal but ended up grabbing a 19’ 540i M Sport from your boys a few weeks back… Absolutely love this car!

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Yeah, I got them down to 12.x% before incentives on that Canary car to try to hand it to someone local to that dealer but I guess in the end they got spooked and ghosted.

You prefer the 33 over the 44? Even with the diff engine?

With the right tune I can see the 330i turning out good power but no I meant I like the platform and am working on an M340i.

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M340 is gorgeous as well. I really dig the new front

You didn’t get this owner’s choice, did you?



Can’t transfer Owners choice. If you’re traditional leasing, it’s moot.

Haven’t done OC on any deals

Let’s be honest. You have a car shopping addiction. You will be bored of from M340 in 6 months :slight_smile:

Yeah…I do.

I really like the X5 demo I just picked up for the weekend too, hahaha.

I remember it as if it were yesterday when you got this bad boy.

Man, if I find someone to assume my lease, I will be all over this d(st)eal!

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Car looks great!