SOLD 2020 Lexus IS 350 F Sport AWD. $370/M. 28M left. MSRP $49K


Open to negotiation, please let me know if you have any questions.

MSRP: $49,000
Selling Price Buy out option is available now $38k.
Monthly Payment: $370.32
Annual Mileage:10,000
Current Miles 8,300
Remaining Miles 21,700
Miles Per Month 800
Leasing Company Lexus Financial Services
Out-of-state transfer allowed
Months Remaining 28
Est. Lease End Date 6/11/2023

Low monthly payment! $370.32/month, $200 transfer fee, and $800 down payment.

I would say that this goes to Private Transfers
EDIT: looks like it did get moved from Shared Deals to transfers. GL with transfer

Yes it’s moved, thank you

You should probably mention that you’re looking for $4,000 upfront DAS.

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Thanks, added it here

Why not add the monthly and DAS in the title?


Add the $4k DAS to the title, then PM a mod to re-open.


Any suggestion on what is fair as a down payment?

Probably better to put this on SAL. Late last year, you can get this car new for this price with first payment DAS. Will be tough asking for $3k on here.


A couple of pieces of constructive advice:

  • drop the ‘short term’ verbiage in the title, it’s crowding up your text and frankly, with so many 24 month leases taken by LH’ers, I don’t think people would consider 28 remaining months as ‘short term’. List the # of months like you did and let people draw their own conclusion about how short term it is or isn’t
  • ‘Asking $3k Down’ already somewhat implies you’re open to offers and you’ve already clarified this in your thread origination post, so no need to jam that into the title. Between this and above, you might get the title down to 1 line, so it doesn’t ‘…’ the rest that breaks over to a 2nd line.
  • About the price and down payment - it’s really your call, but as others have said, $3k is a tough ask when these were available around the same price new without the DP. Then you add that there’s now a re-done 2021 out there with somewhat aggressive offers. Then you add that you’re slightly over miles for the number of months (if on pace, you’d have 833 miles/mo remaining). You might be able to get near your asking price on SAL as others have said, but if you want traction here, probably need to come down… substantially. That may not be your best path, but throwing that out there

Lastly: love the color!

Good luck with transfer.

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much, I know the color is beautiful.

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Price dropped to 2k down

Might be a tough sell on here with the 2K. Maybe someone would bite if you lowered to $500. Did you try SAL yet?

You could also try, although it’s not as popular from what I know.

Yes I paid for swap a lease LT is not free and swap a lease was more popular

Yes here is a link Lexus IS 350 F Sport Lease Deals |

Down payment lowered to $1500