SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Hello Cody,

Are you able to sell to a Nevada resident? I will be in the Socal area soon and would like to nail a deal down before heading there.

If so please PM me the link! Thank you!


Only on Purchase. CA DMV has issue with taxes on the lease. I wasn’t able to get my last out of state lease to go through :frowning:


Looking to lease unfortunately. Thanks for the quick reply and best of luck.


I need the link!! thanks!


Where in NV do you live? I used to work for Findlay. The Henderson store is generally pretty good.


TFS Standard Rate increase AGAIN. Seems like this is becoming a monthly thing.


That’s shame. I would come from PHX…


Sad I know… Director said yes… then we had a surprise.

Would have taken some business away from my old store :slight_smile: I worked in Northern AZ for 4 years.


New incentives actually showed up early. Not huge changes but will see how they look on paper with current residuals.

$3500 rebate on 2018 Tundras (only have a few left)
Lower MF on Sienna and Highlander.
Higher MF on Camry Hybrid.


Any conquest cash for switching from a Honda Oddy to a sienna?


Toyota doesn’t do conquest


Link please


Hi Cody, can you please send me the link. Thanks.


Link please! and thank you.


Still in the process of updating but here is what has seen improvements.

Highlander ($30-40 lower)
Avalon (huge price drop)

Posted a Demo Limited Highlander 2018
Full Disclosure; it was a Toyota Corporate Demo 5300 miles. When they dropped it off a service customer hit it. :open_mouth:
I posted the deal and its the absolute best price on it. If interested I can find out more about damage.




Link is now complete. For trucks deals the tundra 4x2 2019 is great.


Is this a new issue and is it just Toyota? I live in Nevada as well and have been leasing out of CA for over 10 years.
-Can I have the link anyway? Thanks


Hi Cody
Would you please send me the new link?


Hi there. Could you please send me the link? Thanks!