SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Long month :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed it thanks


Do you mean “change”?


Phone auto correct is not my friend. Need to ready it better. Thanks


Lol, as long as you keep giving hacker deals you can make all the mistakes you want :grin:


Need every deal I can get today. Trying to beat out my partner for the month. Its pretty close… Ill try to squeeze out any deal I can. Let me know.



Hi! Could you send the link


hi cody! would you send me the link please? thanks!


Rate Change for USB. Nice that its now same rate regardless of LTV. Starts 12/1


Decemeber incentives start 12/4

If you have the link for November it will update and you won’t need to request another.

No idea what incentives will look like. Hoping Tacoma/Tundra stay the same. Unlikely they will improve.

Hoping for more RAV4 will improve. We have 147 2018s in stock. 2019s are showing arrival on 12/5. :grimacing:

I have a 70 unit goal soooo will be pushing everything to the max to help you help me.


Finished a deal with Cody yesterday. A true professional and everything was exactly as he said it would be. Easy in and out in under an hour.


Link please


Link please


Hello, can you please send me the link? Thank you!


Hi Cody, would you please send me the link? Thanks!


Can you PM me the link please? Thanks!!!


Link please. Thanks Cody.


Could you please PM me link please!


Toyota incentives kick off tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I’m going to have a huge push to get to my goal which means crazy deals on whatever possible. (Going to make my director a little upset)

Here’s 2 Tundra’s on the list as USB Residuals Stayed the Same and MF went down :+1:. Can switch to 12k-15k on request.


Hi Cody, please send the Nov/Dec link, thank you!