SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



link please. thanks Cody


Link please, thanks Cody


Link please. Thank you.


Link please. Thank you.


Hi Cody - would appreciate the link too please. thanks.


Can I have the link? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


First 2019 RAV4s arrived last night. I’ll get a photo when i get in tomorrow. Won’t be adding to the link yet as Toyota isn’t putting out a lease special yet.

This will be a huge month. Tundra/Tacoma/Highlander deals are looking very good.

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text


oooh did ya get any of the adventure trim ones in?


Both are LE. First adventure will show on 12/19


Link please!


Cool. As you recall I have three people asking me about the new RAV4’s.


Yep. Not in the office till tomorrow so haven’t seen them myself.


I added the 2019 Rav4 to the LINK. There are 0 incentives on it so they won’t be a great lease. Just helps me for when people ask.


It looks to be a huge improvement! especially the interior. I definitely think the higher trims will be the sweet spot. I kinda wish Toyota would drop the basic steelies and just give alloys as a base minimum since y’know, it’s 2018.


Ya first thing I thought was 2018 hubcaps look better. Residual is super high now just need some incentives. Maybe mid month refresh???


Interior is nice, outside looks meh, but that’s only because it’s an LE.

Can’t wait to see the SE/XLE trims

I like how they put dual exhausts in the back, definitely balances the back of cars, especially on suv/cross overs


Looks nice, can’t wait for the 2019 Hybrid Rav4s.



I think this is the First time EVER that Toyota is offering the Same Special MF for the Hybrid Highlander as the Gas. I will update the link now. But its a huge savings over the 0.0028 MF


@Cody_Carter can you pm me the link please?
Thanks for the updated pictures above!


Hi @Cody_Carter just sent you an email!