SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Yes it will be awesome. The hybrid will be in about March.


Can you please share the link? Also what’s the status on the 2019 Rav4. I saw it in person at the SF Autoshow and it was hands down one of my favorite vehicles at the show second to the Senna lol.


Hey cody can I get a link?


Can you send me the link please? Thank you


Can you send the link. Debating unloading my 2017 Tundra Limited TRD Off Road for a 4x4 Tacoma.


link please.


Could you shoot the link over please.


Could you send me the link please? Thanks


Leased a Ton of Toyota Trucks this weekend. Down to 2 2019 Crewmax. Both white sport


Could you send me the link please? Thanks


@Cody_Carter Can I get the link please. going to pass along to a friend. Thanks.


@Cody_Carter can I get a link please? thanks


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Link please


Link please.


@Cody_Carter please send me the updated link again.


link please


Can I get updated link please? Thanks!


Link please.


Link please :slight_smile: