SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers


Added some tweaks to Mirai that might be interesting. MSD and a One Pay (One Pay includes OC tax)


Down to 3 more Tacoma deals and then I’m cut off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nows the time to move on them.


Does everyone gets qualified for $5000 or is it based on Income


There are some income requirements. If you file taxes single and make over $150k or file joint and make over $300k you will need to choose the $5k OR HOV stickers.

If you make less than above the you qualify for both.

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Link please!


I’m interested on the onepay, can you please send me updated link. Thanks!


@Cody_Carter I’ve read HOV stickers are taking up to 3months to be sent out, any idea what’s the average wait time for the CA rebate?


We see about 6 weeks but we also are preordering them before the cars arrive. That way some of our cars have the stickers in stock when you pick up


Link please?


Do not contact our sales department directly. 1) You won’t get the same pricing and 2) I don’t get any credit.


This is absolutely despicable. Some people need to learn how to read.


I typically give them the benefit of the doubt. But reading something so blatant strikes a nerve.
Seriously, how incompetent do you have to be?

Some people don’t deserve what Cody is offering. Let me put this into perspective: I visited the local Toyota dealership just a few miles away from my work for an oil change about two weeks ago.

Their Rav4s AND Camry’s stated on every window sticker; $5000.00 dealer mark up.You guys that cannot read deserve those dealers, not Cody.


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Can you do out of State cody? Would prefer to send all these western people that contact me to you so I don’t have to waste time quoting them!

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I wish. CA DMV is making it so difficult.

Director said yes but DMV clerk said no. When i ever get a free moment I’ll do some research


Please do, I bugged you in the past from AZ. I can’t see why many CA dealers here like Samson can do it easily, he just gets a temp paper plate for the CA drive, I get a permit for 3 days for the AZ drive, done deal…I do my own registration here on DMV.
Must be some local DMV dumbness.


Probably. We do have one way trip permits but was told it’s different for purchase


link please


Link please :cowboy_hat_face: