SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers


link please


Hi Cody, can I get the link please? Thank you.


link pls - thanks


Link please


Link please


My dad did this one , The dealer i think gave him a 1 time trip permit to get the car out of the state


link please, thank you

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@Cody_Carter can I get the link, please? Thank you.


Back in the office for the weekend. This is last weekend before my vacation so it will be busy. I’ll be out of office March 20-25th with limited Time to check emails.

If you need the link let me know
714/397/4829 call/text


Heres a Tacoma Deal some have been waiting on. Loaded in the Link SOLD


Can I get the latest link please


If you need the link
714/397/4829 call/text

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Can I get a link please?


Hello Cody, can you please send me the link for this month please? Thank you!


Can I get a link please?


Crazy day… 9 units out. I might have missed a couple replies.

I have 1 Tacoma remaining. After that the pricing will change.

Ill be in the office
Sunday 11-7pm
Monday 9-9pm
Tuesday 9-4pm

Vacation Wednesday 20-24th
714/397/4829 call text

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Just crossed my mind- how come you don’t got Land Cruisers on there? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t want to hear “wow land cruisers don’t lease well” every day. :crazy_face:


Please send the Link


Could I also get the link please? thanks