SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



are the 4runners 7 seaters ?


It’s optional for 3rd row.


payments remain same ?


Crazy day today. 7.5 cars out for a Saturday. If I missed your message please resend.


Hi. What is the price on the TRD PRO


Referring to the Tacoma? Sold the tundra


Hi, my name is James and i need a minivan. M

What trin level, term/milage gives the best bang for the buck on a sienna?

I have a credit score of 746.

Thank you


Can I have a link please? Thanks!


Yes for the Tacoma


what are the numbers for JTEBU5JR8K5630468?


Send me a pm. Can’t post pricing and LH says you aren’t accepting messages at this time


i’d appreciate a new link please, thank you


U posted these units.
Please let me know the deal.

Thank um

Long Bed SR5 4x2 Tacoma - Blue

Long Bed Sport 4x2 Tacoma - Gray


I’ll run the numbers on those 2 in the morning


Ok, thank u.


It’s amazing how long in the tooth the current 4Runner interior looks. 2020my for all new?


Unknown.They really haven’t said much about it.


can you send link pls?


Hello Cody! Would appreciate the link, thank you!


how much for a fully loaded Camry?