SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers


Hi Cody! Can I please have the updated link?


new link please, still on the fence


I’d love a new link please. Thank you!


cody thanks for the link,
Is the 4runner 4wd available in a third row?


3rd row is available. I should have a couple


wife wants
power seats
and 3rd row
please let me know if its out there

thank you



SR5 Premium

Send me a PM for more info


Tacoma deals will be drying up soon. Have 2 deals scheduled for this weekend already. Only have 3 more available for this month.


May I please have the latest link?


Director gave me a huge list of trucks to get rid of… including a PRO. Ill add some links to the inventory.


for the inventory spreadsheet, are those vehicles better to buy or lease? I know I had asked you about one of the older tacomas on the list and you told me it would be cheaper to lease a newer one instead.


Depends. On the 2018s its better to buy them.


I haven’t run the numbers on these yet so they will be done on request. Look through the spec sheets and let me know if one interests you.

Call / text 714/397/4829

Sport Short Bed 4x4 Tacoma Silver

Short Bed Offroad 4x4 Tacoma Silver

Long Bed Sport 4x4 Tacoma Gray

TRD PRO Tacoma Voodoo Blue

TRD PRO Tundra White -SOLD

SR5 4x2 Tacoma Silver - SOLD

Offroad 4x2 Tacoma with Premium Package - White

Long Bed SR5 4x2 Tacoma - Blue

Long Bed Sport 4x2 Tacoma - Gray

TRD Offroad Premium 4Runner - Black

TRD Offroad Premium 4Runner - Silver

SR5 w/ 3RD Row 4x4 4Runner - Black - SOLD


How much for the tundra pro???


Can I get advice for the prius prime? should I lease it or buy it. what should be the month the best rate if I want to sign it. Link please, thank you so much~


Buy it. The lease is terrible and the State and Federal rebates are available to you on Purchase.


Testing out the 360 camera for new cars.


Could I get the link?
I’m just starting the exploratory process and don’t know if I want a Awd truck or hybrid lol.


Has leasing on the Sienna improved?


Not a ton but slowly it has.