SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Not listed in the link. Send me a pm on which you were interested in.


link please!


link please


Hi Cody, can i please get the link, Any demo Rav deals or anything?


Sold all the factory demos. Won’t see that again… they were only because of new launch


Can I please get a link to the March spreadsheet?



Hi. Can I have the link please?


Hi, can I have the link please? Also information on the 4Runner you posted earlier. Thanks.


Looking to finally apply for the replace your ride program for my dad. Could I get the link Cody?



Can you please send the link? thanks


Hey Cody, I am looking for RAV4. Please send the link. Thanks


Hi Cody. Would appreciate a link when you get the chance. Thanks.


Here’s the Replace Your Ride website.

You can create an account and begin the application process there.


I meant to ask Cody for the link to his sheet. I’ve begun the process for the RYR program, just want to get an idea of which car we could get the best deal on.

Thanks though!


@Cody_Carter please provide me with your link when you have a chance. Thanks!


@Cody_Carter Can I get the new link please?


Can I get the new link please? Thanks


can i get the new link please @Cody_Carter


Link please. Thanks in advance!


Link please