SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Please send me the link.


Link is good only for today. Tomorrow are new incentives and new link


can you please send me the link?


Rav4 Hybrid coming out in March ?


Unknown. Depends if any incentives. We will be lucky to even get a Rav4 Hybrid this month


Base MF is dropping a tad starting tomorrow. .00285 down to .0028


US Bank coming back strong on Tundra. Residuals went up several percent and the MF dropped. .0017 for 24 mo and .00175 for 36-42mo.

I’ll be updating the link in the morning.


Cody, can I get the new link in the morning? Thanks!


Hi Cody

Can you send me the new link tomorrow?



Hi @Cody_Carter

Please send new link.


Hi @Cody_Carter, as well with the rest above, may I please have the link for Mar.

Thanks in advance!


Hello @Cody_Carter,
I’d appreciate an invite to the new link as well.


Send me the new link :round_pushpin::bowing_man:t2:‍♂


I think its same link it jjust updates


Hello @Cody_Carter
Can you please send me the new link?


Keeping an eye on the Tundras. Can I get a refreshed link please :slight_smile:


Not this month. I rotate the link every 2 months


Hi @Cody_Carter - can I get the new link when available. Thank you!!


Just got the incentives list. Some MF went up a tad. Leaving house in a minute to update think link. I’ll send it out when complete so will be a few hours. Have a couple meetings today as well