SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



In for the link please Cody !


Good morning Cody, can you please PM me the link when you have a chance?


I’ll take a link, Cody! Thanks!


Please send me the link as well. Looking at Tundra or Tacoma.


Link please


link please


Interested in the link as well Cody. Possibly looking into a Tundra.


Sent. Haven’t gotten to tundra yet. They are last.


Link request, please. Is Mission Fed approved?


Idk yet. Haven’t had time to talk with GM. Doubt it would be that fast


Link please.


new link pls


Hi Cody, may I get the new link?



Link please, thanks in advance!


Link please, much appreciated!


Ive maxed out of private messages for next 3 hours… PM ME :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive maxed out of private messages for next 3 hours… PM ME :slight_smile:


Link is complete. There are a few shining stars in there. Tacoma deals are killer but won’t last all month. Tundra 4x4 crewmax is one to look at for sure!

Corolla 2019 Residuals actually went up. 2020 is listed but there really aren’t any discounts or incentives on them.

First half of the month will be a huge push. I will be out of office March 20-25 for a Toyota Trip to the Bahamas that I won. :palm_tree:
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2020 Corolla Hybrid


Link please