SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers


Ya it would be a lot of work. Its whatever Im not in trouble. It was more of a laugh that the dealer can’t beat us so they complain


SoCal dealers are cutthroat. They can either move a small amount of cars for big profit, or just move a ton of units like Cody. It’s probably dependent on how big the dealer is.


What’s the discount


Best to wait till 3/1 on tacomas right now

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I was wondering if that would happen as people here are posting about taking your offers to other dealers. just a matter of time before they show the link.

suggestion: when you share the link, also explicitly state that it is private.

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sigh you know us trusteds hate reading things like this. Selfish bastards who go around like a vampire sucking up every last drop and refusing to do their own work like READING just ruins the LH name. Unfortunately open forums do attract all sorts of people including the worst hence “this is why we can’t have nice things.”


I’m looking at a tacoma in Nor Cal right now. Why wait until 3/1?


My specials come back. Its your best opportunity. I only get 13 per month.


Looking to purchase a 2019 Prius Prime and a 2018 or 19 Tacoma 4WD access cab would be ok


Prime doesn’t lease well. Currently no lease support. Ill send you a link to review. Tacoma deals will get better next month.


Link to the Feb sheet please. Thanks Cody!


Thank you!


I blame this guy lol


Haha @JonathanGallo was cool. He bought a Camry with me.

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Lol I know, I’m just messing :smiley:


I can assure you never shared the link with anyone from a toyota dealer. I work in car sales :wink: I know how these things work.


Close to the 60 car goal for this month. Need 1.5 Units to get there. Should make it. 60 cars in 19 working days :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need the link. Ill be out Wednesday Thursday but my partner is in.
714/397/4829 call/text


Our first 2020 Corolla has arrived. More to come next week… maybe some incentives come 3/1??


Yes 2020 Corolla and Corolla Hybrids has arrived in Norcal today as well

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Hybrids are lagging a little down here.