SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Last to days of “My Month”. Need to get 3.5 more deals. So Ill be looking to post something fun today.

New Link will come out next month. Incentives change 3/1. Unknown what they will be BUT I know that the residuals will drop 1-2%.


MSG for full details.

Black SE Corolla -

Slate Loaded (Sunroof,Push Button) SE Corolla -

Silver Tacoma Long Bed TRD Offroad 4x4

Black Highlander LE I4 -

Blizzard Pearl Highlander XLE V6 -


The link takes to LE


Forgot to change VIN. Ill fix it now


Wow…that is very strong.


Hi, want to lease a Highlander xle. Grey, Brown, White, with Ash interior. Do you have any of these vehicles.



Sure I have 7 in stock


Sounds like my pricing is too good. Toyota Corp emailed me today about another dealer complaining about losing a deal to my spreadsheet pricing… and to look into if its against policy.


I’m surprised it lasted this long and I don’t know the policy, but I can’t imagine this being a violation - it’s like requesting a quote from you. Hopefully your dealer goes to bat for you.

It’d be unfortunate if you had to move to a quoting model. So much more work.


I should be within the rules. Basically I can’t post it publicly thats why everyone needs to request the link by text or email. Makes it two way communication.

Basically someone from LH went to another dealership and then shared the link with them. Whoever the dealer is spent a ton of time to duplicate the link and highlight anything they thought was a violation.


Not much you can do about that…you have proof of the communications. Waste of time though.

Also, whomever did that to you should be ashamed. Why not just go to you?


I don’t blame anybody that wants to shop the numbers to verify they are getting a good deal. Thats part of the process. End of the day the dealer complained because they lost the sale to me.

Wish that someone didn’t forward my link to them to have access too but nothing I can do about it. As long as I’m within the rules I don’t care.


Was it Toyota of Orange?


Toyota won’t say. :stuck_out_tongue:


@RVguy Already have people asking me about Mission Fed. Sitting down with GM tomorrow to get it moving along


Toyota wasn’t even on my radar until I saw a new RAV4 at Home Depot and now I have read this whole thread. :upside_down_face: Still cool to share the link?


That is great news! I’ll see if I can make it up there with the Mission Rep to ink the deal when you guys are ready.


Why does Toyota corp hate on you for this? So much for kaizen. @Cody_Carter You figured out a way to improve the process for you and the customer, lets scold you!


This is why we can’t have nice things…


I guess it’s not possible/too much hassle than it’s worth to somehow generate a unique link for individuals only?

I also suppose there’s nothing stopping people just showing the other dealer the details on their phone anyway.

Gah, people are the worst.