SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



I sold one like 2 months ago. But before that is was probably a year without selling one. Wife wants one but I won’t buy unless there is major overhaul.

The minor refresh in 2014 for 4Runner was a success for sure. They sell great and Toyota doesn’t care to incentivize. It does have a special APR this month 5.25% for 60 :stuck_out_tongue:


Android Auto, multiterrain monitor… new Taco might be worth the wait…!


That’s precisely the reason they’re so popular. There aren’t so many body on frame SUVs left.


Dang… the announcement isn’t even till tomorrow. They don’t build the limited for CA and loaded trim is soo rare who knows if we will see them.

Android and Apple CarPlay was a must


Power driver seat finally. People are always complaining about that


its the last of the real SUV only thing close is wrangler …


Looking for camry se lease, please send link


Sister in your area needs a new lease can you pls send me the link?


2020 TRD off-road RAV4



Hopefully it’s not the RAV4 getting the TRD Pro trim, is it?


Just TRD off-road trim for now :wink:

TRD PRO Sequoia though


Ahh, just saw that. The Sequoia got the TRD Pro. I want to see the Army Green one. Is that the new TRD Pro color for 2020?


Yep 4 colors this time. Black white gray and army green


Tahoe, yukon?


I drove the new Rav4 Adventure a few weeks ago and was impressed with the build quality and interior, felt more like a lexus, but it was a bit underpowered. I know Toyota is staying away from turbos but that baby needs more horses. Maybe they’ll throw in a 6 banger in a TRD Pro version :slight_smile:


Doubtful. Toyota has never modified/changed the engine on any TRD Pro model.


no but the gas mileage is way better on a Yukon then a 4 runner


Yea but didn’t Rav 4 have a v6 model before?


ended in 2012