SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



is the automatic 86 monthly w/msd correct?


Its an error that I forgot to correct the other day. Ill get it changed in a min.


Phew! That’s great news!


Can I get a link Cody?


Haha trollin- link up plox! :red_gift_envelope:


Our First 2020 Corollas Hybrids are Allocated.
Might see them by end of month. 16 hybrids on first round.
MPG 53 City 52 Highway

Spec Sheet


Ooooooh! I’m probably gunna be asking for the magical link next month then!


This new Corolla is intriguing to say the least…


oH Highlander price is so nice


Cool- free car! Definitely LH unicorn!

Haha- those specs are great- they achieved Prius MPG with that body style.


Hey @Cody_Carter, can I get the link please? Thank you.


newbie here gaining insights and learning as I go. can I also get the link please.

thank you very much…!


link please


what are differences between the 2019 tacoma trd sport 4x4 and the 2019 tacoma trd off road 4x4? (other than crawl control and the moldings) is the suspension different? is the computer designed to work different?

I want a 19 tacoma offroad 4x4 w/ tech and prem package… :disappointed_relieved: but there is never any available!


Yes, suspension is different. Tires/wheels and hood scoop are other differences. Honestly, you should be googling to find those answers.


thanks… why google when I have you to answer for me :wink:


MY GOODNESS the 4runner’s lease pretty bad…


They lease way better through us bank. Especially 4x4


Can I please have the link? Thanks.


I find it kind of crazy that Toyota has left the 4Runner pretty much the exact same way for a decade and yet it it’s STILL selling more than ever before! People really are crazy for anything SUV.

Cody, do you sell many Sequoia’s? I wasnt even sure if they still made until I googled it and saw that 728 people in January thought the 2008 2019 Sequoia was the car for them!