SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Can I get the link please?


Well besides that, plastering a TRD Pro badge on a unibody would be sacrilege - I’d lose “respeck” for Toyoda.

But that 300hp V6 in the camry would make the rav4 a worthy long term buy.


Please send link.


I’ve received several requests the do same pricing from SE on SE Nighshade edition. Currently answer is no.

Can’t blow out a car that literally just can’t out and is our Very First one.

That could change in a few months as inventory levels come up.


Guilty… sorry Cody.

Trying to convince the wife… lol


haha you aren’t alone. I understand but my hands are tied on this one.


Just remember I don’t mind being the test subject for that deal :slight_smile:


Everyone wants to be the one


Looking to lease a Corolla hatchback, can I get a link.


May I please get the link?



Made it happen for @Dgo


Is that the Rav or a Highlander? Looks awesome.


When are you going to make it happen for me bro :wink:


Nightshade SE Highlander


Your offers are crazy. Director increased pricing today on corolla anticipating a 2019 sell out this month.


Talking about the Mirai. I skipped on the Corolla.


Sold out :weary:


Can I get the link please?


How are the production #s?