SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Can I have the link please?


Welcome to the Taco club!


New link please, thank you!


I just got the incentives list now… They changed the format and its almost impossible to understand. Will take me awhile to update the link.

Based on what I am reading there is now NO Special Lease Rate on Highlander. Which will cause the payments to skyrocket.


Working on the link now… All Except for 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra have been updated.


Cody, how bad are the highlanders this month?


Ill send you the link to check out.


Oh no! Was hoping to lease a Highlander this month :frowning:


OUCH… for the Highlander this month. - they should add another 0 on that MF… lol Please push the 20% discount on the HIGHLANDER.


Rav 4 is in that club, I leased one from Cody last March now my other kid needs a car and same car is $100 more :frowning:


Yep Toyota hasn’t been nice to the 2019 Rav4 just yet.


Link please


There goes the Highlander deal…


Yep exactly… a few deals that were lined up



Toyota just emailed back the Highlander was an Error. Special is back to what is was last month. Going to take a minute to update the sheet.


haha I wish 20%. Don’t worry it was an error. TFS just fixed it and Im updating link


Nothing like watching @Cody_Carter update the sheet in real time. It’s so suspenseful.


haha yes it can be. Highlander rates are fixed. The freak out on that is over.


I was so bummed!! WOW what a relief!!


Me too. Was telling the GM I need to lower my monthly sales goal down from 50 units to 30.