SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Please provide the link.


Please send link thanks


Says you aren’t accepting messages at this time. Send me a pm


hi Cody, please send me the updated link.


Please send me a link. Thank you.


May I have the link please? Thank you!


Please send me a link. My current lease is due in less than two weeks. Thanks!


Last day of current incentives… cant tell if that’s good or bad. I know Tacoma deals won’t be the same though :weary:


Cody, looking to get the new sheet. I am in norcal and looking to pick up something soon… Did you get the deals for the tacomas you mentioned or will you know by tomorrow 2/5?


Send me the link please! (im STILL waiting oh so patiently for toyota to give the Sienna some LOVE)

and can you get info on certified used deals? (lease/purchase options)


The preowned lease will be worse. But yes I can help on certified cars.

I keentelling my wife if I could find a way to Hack the Sienna I’d be king


Any purchase incentives on a TCUV? I hate the new sienna engine/trans its horrible, want to stick with the older.

and how in the world does the standard XLE have a higher residual than the XLE Premium?


No specials on tcuv except Camry and Prius.

It’s typical that the higher trims have lower residuals


Can I have the link, please?


Any good numbers on a 8 passenger sienna?


They don’t lease well. I’ll send you link


Link Please


Can you please send me a link


Just have to give a big thanks to Cody for a great deal on a Tacoma dbl cab V6 SR5. Everything was as promised and I was in and out in 2 hours on Saturday (took longer because I had to fill out a business app).

The deal and experience was so good I went back on Sunday and got another Tacoma Access Cab for my son.


Please send me the link as well. Thanks