SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Wow… Lucky Mirai owners.
Could lead to some amazing leases…


MSD depends on the payment after tax


Regreshed 2020 Tacoma? This should be interesting


Yep Yep. Just read it 10 minutes ago. Probably just a minor refresh but its nice to see.


Dang, those great Tacoma deals are suddenly gone 8(


At the moment yes… Hopefully they return next month.


Hi @Cody_Carter, can I get an updated link? I have the old one from November. Thanks!


@Cody_Carter can you work with AZ residents who can pick up in person? Or can I use my SoCal relative’s address to work out an “in-state” deal? Thanks!


CA residence could work but you will probably have to prove it to TFS as it probably won’t show on credit report


@Cody_Carter I would also like the link please. Am in the market and in Tustin. Wasn’t even considering Toyota until I saw this thread. :slight_smile:


I added the 2019 Prius and Prius Prime to the link… Yes I know the pricing is terrible. There are 0 incentives at the moment. Hopefully that will change 2/5.

Simply added so I won’t have to hear the requests and then the shock at how High the payment is.

I’m off till Friday but enjoy :wink:


Hah, it’s like Toyota doesn’t even want to sell the Prius anymore then? Questionable design choices AND zero lease support? Maybe they’ve just decided that everyone should buy an Insight instead?

Enjoy your ‘weekend’!


It hasn’t been in their “6 pack” (course 6 cars) for awhile.


Can you send me the link? thanks in advance


May I please have the January link? Thanks



Just a heads up for all; February incentives come out 2/5. The link will be the same as January and will auto update

Tacoma Deals are coming back tomorrow. Limited to 12 blow out deals so beginning of February is the time to move on it.


The last 2018 4x4 making its way to LH customer in Sacramento.


how much did the customer pay to have you deliver to Sacramento?


Customer Paid $350… ended up costing me $400 to ship this time so ate the $50


Link please - Thanks