SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Link please!


Killing me today.

If you take my Link and walk to our retail department they will just be extremely confused. Especially if you are wanting to do MSD on top of my deal.

Frustrating as I get 0 credit and I have to help them structure the deal as to not screw it up.


I can’t figure out people sometimes. You’re a better man than me!


I’m surprised your retail dept will even honor your pricing.


Haha they won’t… They sent me out there. Had to pause my other LH deal to go over it with them…

But yes its frustrating when the sheet says only works with Cody Carter and they are showing it to the retail department. Retail is confused as to what the link even means.


It really only costs me $100 but at the end of the day it’s more the principal


Sigh. Not the money. It’s the time.


It’s a unit you don’t get or only 1/2 deal. You probably need the units to hit your bonuses like i used to with lexus. People simply need to ask for you!! It’s the least they could do!


I don’t get unit bonuses. I did at previous store. Its a unit that I won’t get though.


link please…ty


Would love a link please…thank you!


Is the 18 Tacoma 4x4 sport gone?


Will know more tomorrow. I sent a credit application on it today.


Contracts were Fedex’d today so that Tacoma is off the market.


Fools… should change the link every time it happens and not honor that person. Then resent a different link for requests again and state it happened again… Common people~ get with the program already!


I should be then the number of requests would be insane!. There aren’t as many now that I don’t post dealer location right off the bat.


Hope the Tacoma is working out. You have a bunch of Jealous people wanting to recreate your deal… Currently out of Exceptions till February.


Unique Scenario for Current Mirai Customers (When we actually have some in stock)

$11,000 in Total Rebates:
$6,000 Factory
$2,500 Mirai in Household
$2,500 Mirai Lease Ending

Could lead to some good leases.


new link please


also how much per MSD