SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Can I get an updated link looking forward to those Tacoma deals, thanks in advance.


How much for a decked out ambulance :joy: ?


TFS Tacoma Rates have been updated. Get the deals while you can!

I ran out of deals last month so don’t miss out.


link please. Thanks in advance:)


2019 Corollas will be selling out soon. Director said the pricing will increase starting next week.

All future Allocations are 2020 with arrival in March


When does the Rav4 hybrid hit the floor?

Also, does a one-pay lease for TFS lower the MF to .00001?


March for 2019.

One Pay reduces MF by .001


Thank you, can you kindly PM me the link.


Here a a few unwinds that need to go.
TACOMA GONE TO LH :slight_smile:

Tundra Base SR 4x2 - 222 Miles
Spec Sheet

2018 Tacoma Access Cab - 1,858 miles - Probably better to buy this one.
Spec Sheet

2019 4Runner SR5 Premium 4x4 - Corporate Demo - 3,998 Miles
Spec Sheet

Residuals will need to be adjusted on all but the Tundra as it has less than 500 miles. Deals are slightly better than the spreadsheet as I’ve pushed everything to the max. The Gray Tacoma is a few dollars less but has a $1400 higher MSRP.


can I get the new link please?


That’s fancy new ones? Is the US getting the hybrid version too?


Yes the Hybrid is coming to USA.


Interesting! Some more sales taken from the poor old Prius then!


haha you know it. Bet it will have same MPG


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Hi Cody, please provide the link.

Thank you.


link please


can i get the link please


Busy day today. Cody had me in and out very quickly this morning.

Went to a birthday party and then to pick up a new couch. Put the shortbed to use on the first day!


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