SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Heres an OOPPS…

Shipped this truck from AZ for a customer and then they changed their mind hours before it arrived. Its unique as its a LONG BED 8.1ft Double Cab 4x4 TRD Offroad.

Has some adds from other dealer. (They charged me $385)
Might be a truck for purchase but Ill work something up


Do your lease prices include GAP insurance? How about USBanks?
If not, how much more is that?


Can I get the link please…have an employee looking to lease.


Can i get the link please. Thanks Cody.


Is that person actually serious? ahaha … “delete”


GAP is included with Us Bank but not Toyota


was it an LH customer?


Nope. Just a normal lead. Was is such a hurry. “No i won’t wait 2 minutes for you to call” during the time my wife is in hospital. Then pulls that… sucks.

She was also working deal with my buddies in Arizona in same truck. They laughed at end when they found out I shipped it.


Its amazing how everything falls apart when there is no internet…

Cant run any numbers till it comes back up. No ETA


I’m sure I wouldn’t be as calm as you are if someone did something like that to me. Please don’t take it out on the rest of us. You’re an asset to this forum.


It Happens. Makes me look stupid with Director but whatever. It will sell eventually. There’s always someone looking for that 1 off truck. It’s 1 of 2 in 1000 miles.


OK, I’m curious. Can you send me numbers on the Taco?




We cant catch a break this weekend. Yesterday it was our Internet and Desking Software down… Today its our CRM.


Link please. Thank you


can I get a link please?

thank you.


Link please


link please


New link plz cody


Link please - thanks!!!


Link please