SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Looks like I’ve reached my Cap on exceptions… So I will need to update the pricing. I added US Bank back as well.


Link please…friend in glendale is looking for a 12k/36 deal on 2019 RAV4 that has Leather seats and AWD. Which one would that be ?


XLE Premium or limited


Spreadsheet please


Link please.


Link please? Looking for Mirai lease.


Mirai is sold out. Ill send you the link though


I’ll get better photos tomorrow but the first 2019 Prius is in.


Can you please send the link. Interested in Prius Prime. Thanks


Prius prime is sold out as well. We got our first 3 2019 prime today. All 3 were presold


Have they made the front end eerm {thinks how put it politely} uuh more ‘palatable’?


Idk haven’t seen it.


Please send link


Im interested in leasing the new Rav4. Please send link. Thank you


Do you know when you might be getting more?


Within the next 1-2 weeks


Hi @Cody_Carter. I am looking to lease a 2019 Rav4 or Highlander or a Tacoma. Can you please send link to your spreadsheet? Thanks.


I’m back in the office from my “weekend”. Let me know if you need the link.
714/397/4829 call/text



Link please


I have 1 2018 Tacoma Sport 4x4 Silver that needs to go this weekend. MSG me as its not on the link.