SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Hi, can you please send me the link? Thanks.


Hi, can I get the link please? Mainly interested in Mirai as there’s a hydrogen station directly across from my office


Hi Cody,

Can I have the link, please?




Hi Cody,

Can I have the link please? Thank you!


Link please Cody. Thanks


Is there $1,000 rebate on 2019 Camry’s right now?


@Cody_Carter link please. Thanks


Not in this region. There is a possibility that there is in NORCAL. But there is no way for me to tell. Lease rebates are not posted on


OK, this one is posted so it must be a purchase only rebate? Thanks Cody!


Yep. It’s a purchase/cash rebate then


link please! thanks


link please as well


Link please Cody. thanks.


Can I get the link


Having to pull the mirai from the spreadsheet sheet as too many people are calling the store direct and not following the process.


This is why we can’t have nice things :frowning:


Director wasn’t happy on the low price but it would be ok if I did it but if people want to go around me the director doesn’t want to do that pricing


Sigh. Don’t blame him.


Hi Cody, Link please. Thanks.


Ugh. I wish we could ban those people.