SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



That’s terrible! People need to appreciate someone in sales and understand how you make a living! Thanks for helping out man.



Awesome! Not as cool as concept of course but still great. Hope it holds up to the name


Hi Cody. Can you please share the link? Thank you!!


Please send me a link.


Link please!



2018 was a crazy year. So it’s nice to finish on Top. Top Preformer in 2018 even with taking 1 month Leave for my Daughter Birth and another 2 week vacation. I look forward to better numbers this year and to do that I need to provide you with some killer numbers to make it worth it!


Big Congratulations and very well deserved!


Congrats! :+1:


Congrats bud! Thanks for being a helpful member of LH!


Congrats in order and whats with that 0.5 figure? Also can i have the link pls


only get halfsies when you have to hand it off for whatever reason.


Well that’s interesting…any particular reason given other than the mothership getting annoyed at the volume of business they were losing to US Bank?


Well… GM said to carry on as normal


Congrats. Can I get the new link? Thanks


Can I get the link


On Tacoma’s I changed up the link to show payment with NO MSD and with 9 MSD. The new program with MSD is killer!

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text


So the US Bank deals in the link are no longer valid? What is std TFS m/f? How much is each security deposit? Congrats on top sales! Thanks


Well they were off and back that quick. I am able to keep the US Bank Deals. MSG me for MF as it can’t be posted.

Security deposit is round to the $25 mark. EX: Payment is $217 After Tax it would be $225x9 = $2075

So the tax rate matters to calculate the exact MSD rate.


Had to give the Wife’s car the XSE Camry Treatment. Blacked out roof,pillars,and chrome window trim. Then ceramic coat the wrap to make it easy to clean. :sunglasses: