SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers




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Can’t believe Cody had to type out the need to see him for these deals. If someone spends that much time making spreadsheets for us, answering texts, emails etc… he deserves our patronage.


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Hi Cody. can you send me a link??
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Hi Cody, Can you send me the link?



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Just a heads up on inventory.
2019 Mirai - In transit (Batch of 15 then none for over a month)
2018 Mirai - Transferred 5 from NorCal (Next week)
2018 Rav4 - Selling out super fast. Only 3 LE in Black Remaining
2018 Prime - SOLD OUT
2018 Prius - 2 Model 3’s


Hi Cody,

Could you PM a link? Thanks in advance!


Added this Unwind Tundra SR. 222miles


Here updates to College grad and military rebates.


2019 Mirai have arrived.


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