SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Link please?

Much appreciated.


Can you send me the link please?


Hi Cody,
Can I. Get that link?
Thank you!


Can I get a link pls?



Updating Tundra 4x4 Pricing to offset the residual drop. I’ll change it at 11am when i get in.

Here’s base SR5




Can I get a link?


Link please!!!


Can i get the link please? Thanks Cody!


Hi Cody,
Would you please send me the link?


Link please!


Sent everyone the link.

Just a reminder to contact me directly when you have questions and the same if you forward a link to friend or family. I have had a bunch of sales people coming to me with print outs of the spreadsheet and not knowing what to do with pricing.

This pricing is not available to all people at my location. I also put in a crazy amount of work to build the spreadsheet and get ZERO credit if they walk in with the spreadsheet. You also won’t get that pricing if not coming direct to me.

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text


Link please


Link please


Can I get the link please? Thank you.


@Cody_Carter Your spreadsheet mentions in the Avalon tab there is an extra $58 off per month if there is a Camry in the household. I couldn’t find any mention of that incentive on the Toyota website. If true, it’s worth me buying the one Camry on auto trader for $300, getting the $58 off per month deal, then getting $500 for scrap metal at the junk yard!


Interesting thought… I’ll check in am what it says about the Camry loyalty.


Can I get the new link?


Could you provide the link? Thanks.


Hi Cody,
can I get the new link please?


Hi Cody, can I please have the new link?