SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



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Did your Tacoma residuals get slammed too? 5% over here…bummer. My sports are $50/mo more than last month…do you see anything that stands out well. We have residual drops across the board on the east cost!!!:face_vomiting:


It is pretty killer on residuals yes. i was working off the new residuals and old chart. I had to start all over!. They did new residuals and new chart. So the 15K wasn’t hurt too bad but the 10 and 12K is where they took the hardest hit.

Was not happy


Here is a Mirai Loyalty Program


Just added 2019 Mirai. They are not in stock yet but will be very soon. A ton are already presold at MSRP but I got special pricing for my LH ppl of course.

New for 2019
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