SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Haha well… no incentives yet sooo it’s completely blank. Does that mean not available or… free?


Hopefully Presidents’ Day will shake some incentives loose :crossed_fingers:


Just got the incentives. Headed to work to build spreadsheet.

Lots of green on the sheet… that means things will get better.


@Cody_Carter may I have a link once it’s ready? Thanks!


Morning Cody,

Please share the link, when ready.



Cant message you. Says profile hidden


Link is 90% there. US Bank residuals took a huge drop… :frowning:

Sienna FINALLY got some love.


Please send link when ready. Thanks!


Dear Cody,

Am new here, not sure where to fix this issue. Meantime, Please email me the link to



Completed Link . :stuck_out_tongue:
Hand is tired haha


Is it a new link or old? Please send new link if it is different.


Once your hand is well rested, I’ll take an updated link as well please.:grin:


It now looks different than this morning but it still says “December Lease Specials - 12/4 - 1/2” at the top…


I’d love a link as well. Thanks!


That’s old. I’m about to clear it. The correct one shows January



I’ll take the link as well, when you have a chance. Thanks!


Hey cody. Id love a link too. Thanks.


Hi Cody, I would like a link as well. Thank you!


Hi Cody, link please. Thanks.



Can you please send the link?