SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Can I please get the link?


Can I get a link please


When is the 2019 RAV4 hybrid coming in? Beginning or end of February?


March is when they will become available.


Tacoma 4x4 and Tundra 4x4 Pricing has been updated for today. ill be in the office till 8pm



link please


Can I get the link please? Thanks!


Just picked up a Tacoma from Cody today. Couldn’t be happier with the whole transaction.

Thanks again and Happy New Year Cody!


Here’s to another Record year! Now to start all over.



Link please


Link please.


Highlander changes too?


Incentives change 1/3. There will be a new link.

Small changes for 2019. Looks like Doc Fee is now $85 to account for the new plates that are printed for delivery.


Got a little info on incentives but will know more tomorrow.

Tacoma rebate dropping to $1000
Camry 3.9% purchase.

Hopefully everything else stays the same or better


@Cody_Carter I’ll take the link too, please! Thank you and happy new year!


Remind me tomorrow. New link will be up tomorrow. My phone and email gets blown up so I might miss it.


Hi Cody, Could I get the new link please! Thank you!


Link please


Link isn’t ready. Incentives haven’t been released.


Hmmm just looked at the new link. Clearly Toyota doesn’t want to lease any vehicles in January :joy: