SoCal BMW Special Offers - << i5 Pre-Orders NO Markup & $20k off Demo 750i >> 🎉 (05/24/2023)

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Some big things coming! Here’s the :fire: topics…

  • 2024 BMW i5 Pre-Orders with NO MARKUP OVER MSRP! - Click Here

  • $20,000 off 750i Demo - Click Here

  • $489/mo i4 lease with NO MSD’s and NO Broker Fee! Order slots available! - Click Here

  • 2023 BMW XM In Stock & Available - NO markup over MSRP! - Click Here

  • 39 Month Loyalty Lease and Lower MF! - Click Here

  • 2023 M2 Order Bank is Now Open!! - Reserve your spot with NO Markup! - Click Here

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:pencil2: USE THIS FORM FOR A LEASE OR PURCHASE QUOTE and feel free to ask any BMW product or program questions here on the thread. There is no longer a “link” to a spreadsheet. I am focusing my efforts now on assisting customers that know what they want and are ready to do something immediately.

:no_entry_sign: DO NOT contact the dealership direct (via phone or online) or you will not get my special pricing. Most of you have worked with me long enough to know that I can do special things for this community and now I’m trying to make it even easier so that all you have to do is pick the model you want and let me know when you’re coming in.


I WORK FOR BMW - I am not a broker so you will not be handed off to a dealership that has less than perfect reviews. You will be working with me directly from start to finish. The quotes I provide are on real cars that are confirmed available and on my lot, or in transit to our dealership. No bait and switches and no gimmicks. I have more 5-Star reviews than any other BMW Client Advisor in CA and even more than some dealerships have as a whole. See what my customers have said here.

Thank you for reading this and remember to PLEASE EMAIL OR TEXT ME DIRECTLY. I am not able to stay on top of PM’s in addition to my regular non-LH business so PM’s will not be seen.

I look forward to adding all of you to my ever-growing list of lifelong clients!! :handshake:

Dave Townsend
Over 300 5-Star Reviews :star::star::star::star::star:
BMW of Murrieta - #1 Ranked BMW Center for 2021
951-440-2483 call/text

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Link please!

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By the way…much thanks to @Cody_Carter for helping me with a starting point and answering my annoying questions at mostly ungodly hours (kinda like now :laughing:).

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Welcome to the LH Family. Link sent!

By the way…if you had previously sent me a PM asking for guidance or a quote I apologize but I had to clear all unread PM’s so that I can keep track of the new requests for this link. I think I wiped our 80 PM’s that went back to mid-Feb but all of my previous posts did say “I do not check PM’s” so hopefully those people also emailed me and already got a response.

I will be tracking my PM’s now but please know that I’m trying to streamline the process for you and me both. :wink: So keep that in mind when typing your request.

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