SiriusXm radio promo

I held out for the $4.99 deal that was closer to $100 when factoring in the “plus tax and fees” stuff, renewed in November for the radio in the RDX but with the app I can stream it in the Tacoma, which I had to start doing last month because the promo ran out. The deals generally get better if you let it expire…and get in an invoice if you can. Avoiding the added aggravation of trying to not let it auto renew with a card on file is worth a couple dollars to me.

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I just called around two weeks ago to renew. I called on the date my previous plan expired. I had been paying $10 per month all-in with taxes and fees. They wanted to renew me at like $23 per month but I just said I wanted the same deal I had to continue. I don’t know how many different plans they have but I wanted to still get Stern and Fantasy Sports. Finally they renewed at the $10 all-in rate.

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I forgot about the Amex Platinum digital entertainment credit.

Maybe I’ll switch to a monthly plan and bill it to this card.

Right now I’m using the credit for Peacock Premium ($10 with no ads), which we rarely look at, and NY Times digital subscription (intro $4/month for ???). I have a love/hate relationship with NYT.

So I have $6 left. Will they bill the $5.XX monthly (I usually pay for six months at once)?

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I had thought about getting Peacock. In terms of the credit, I felt that XM would be a waste/hassle. How do you like it? In comparison with Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.?

This is especially considering that I pay at 6 months as well, and at a heavily discounted rate.


We almost never watch it.

I’m don’t consume much streaming video, but my spouse does.

In order of use: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and then distant third, Peacock.

If Amex wasn’t paying for it we’d let it go.


That is what I would assume for us as well. Again, it probably isn’t worth the hassle for. Our TV probably hasn’t been turned on in a week. :grin:

I have the lower-end plan.

I mainly listen to music in three-minute bursts on the way to Vons and back.


I got two retention offers, $5.99/month + taxes and fees for my current plan, and $4.99 / month for music only (no sports, talk, comedy, etc). Both were for 12 months.

I declined both and the agent was ready to give me a cancelation number, so I backtracked and took the music-only offer since it was clear she was out of offers (I didn’t want to deal with this again by letting it lapse and re-subscribing later).

With taxes/fees it’s $6.52 a month, billed monthly to my Amex Platinum.

Since I’m currently not using the entire $20/month entertainment credit, the actual net cost to me is $0 (I’m paying the annual fee on the Platinum either way).


Timely post. My promo had just lapsed and I got charged the full rate for March.

Called to “cancel” and without even talking to a human was offered music+talk plan for $5.99 a month for 12 months. Would have preferred the 4.99 music only option but 12 bucks a year wasn’t worth it for me to wait on hold and see if it was available.

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Thank you for the heads up on this as well. Mine was about to renew too, so I took advantage of the $5.99/month retention offer. And using the Amex Platinum makes it even better.

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What are people seeing for retention offers currently? My sub is expiring and via chat they are offering

Music & Entertainment for $5.99/mo for a year

Platinum for $8.99/mo for a year

Trying to figure out if Sirius is offering better for either package.

Didnt they used to do like $25 for a year promo?

Maybe 6mos, I never saw a year for $25

OK, I tried the chat and calling 855-290-6594 to cancel, and the best I was able to negotiate for the two package options is.

Platinum $118.48/yr (which is basically the $8.99/mo plus NJ taxes. they credited the Sirius fees)

Music & Ent $76.57/yr (which is basically the $5.99/mo plus NJ taxes. they credited the Sirius fees)

For what it’s worth…

I renewed my subscription late April at $5.99/mo plus California fees and taxes it came to $85.02 for the year. As a perk they threw in an Amazon Echo for free (to stream Sirius/XM at home). This was for the Music and Entertainment package.

I also had the option for the (less channels) “Music Showcase” plan for $4.99/mo but no Echo included

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Great deal including the Echo.

I have yet to hook it up. I am wary about letting Amazon listen in on me.

A year or two ago Sirius/XM gave me a (promotional) Echo dot from Google to stream with. I hooked that one up for a while and then gave it away after the novelty wore off. It was fun for awhile to ask the Echo dot (Alexa) unusual things, But again the privacy thing makes you wonder.

To be fair, both Amazon and Google separately promised that they won’t use the data that they record in my house from me in evil ways ! :open_mouth:


I agree. I’ve been with XM for over a decade, and I don’t recall ever getting a year for $25. I think 6 months has been around $30-$35 (~$65/year) for the past several years now.

Maybe it was $25/6mos

Here is the offer I agreed on for 1 year of service on 8/2021:

SiriusXM Platinum 1 Year $99.00
SiriusXM Video 1 Year 0.00
U.S. Music Royalty Fee 21.19