SiriusXm radio promo

For any of you who use xm radio like myself. I found this promo and have used it on all 3 of my lease vehicles. I paid 71 for whole year plus got a 3 free echo Dots. Existing customers also are eligible. I had 4 months left on current promo and was able to renew for 12 month promo. You can get to website and use the text feature and tell them you want this promo.


Side note, my new vehicle promo was ending, did an online chat, and they offered $2 total for 3 months All Access. I had them type it out twice, because I couldn’t believe it. But yeah…

06/01/2020-09/01/2020 SiriusXM All Access 3 Month $2.00

Awesome deal you can do a 4 month free promo also but I wanted the echo

Be careful with the fine print. Lots of complaints with Sirius that is well documented. They lure you into this promo - take down your CC info, and once your promo is over they hit you full rate of 21.95 per month.

Then after you sign up for this promo they spam you with calls nonstop and emails (even after you request to have your contact info taken off their sales communications). Highly malignant sales practices.

I got called one day after my trial ended and was offered 16.95 a month for a year. I said no, and the lady would not let me hang up. She came back and said 12.95 a month (“best deal we can get you”). After I told them no, she put me on hold and I hung up. She called me back promptly and said after speaking to manager 9.95 a month. I said no and hung up. Someone else called me a few days later and offered me 5.99.

I just found the experience off-putting.


SiriusXM is definitely relentless with phone calls and emails. The last I remember I couldn’t cancel without calling and having someone offer me a free portable radio, free online listening, grandma’s special meatloaf, and a karate lesson to stay with them. There is probably already an off-ramp thread for this but I’d be curious what service people use to listen to music in their cars and why.


Sirius/XM is having a tough time competing with phone-enabled streaming services like Pandora and Spotify in your car. They used to have the only vehicle service going but lately have much competition.

I listen to XM radio because I’m in the car quite a bit. But I’m not too happy with the mix of music available. In my opinion the Los Angeles area commercial radio stations are way better than XM radio. But the advertisements on commercial radio are very annoying. Therefore I’m willing to pay $5/month for XM radio even though the music is just OK.

Lately I notice that XM radio has been trying to distinguish itself by having lots of live-type concerts and more special channels devoted to big-name artists.

It’s not too hard to get the $5 promotion every time your subscription expires - just ask for it when you call.

XM radio is worth $5 a month but not much more than that.

I prefer xm over streaming because I often drive through areas of spotty cell reception. I also listen to a lot of the comedy stations over music.

I may see about stacking this promo… I wouldn’t say no to two more echos

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They are very clear over chat and on the phone.

You are agreeing to a certain price for a specific term, and you are further agreeing to have your subscription automatically renewed at the end of the term at then-current rates.

I honestly don’t know how anyone could miss this unless s/he isn’t paying attention.

From my chat earlier this month:

Onika (12:50:35 GMT) : Let’s go over the details. The 12 month Select plan you chose starts today. Your bill is $70.62 for the initial period, which includes fees and taxes. There is a credit balance of $74.03 from previous transactions, so no payment is due today. You have a remaining credit of $3.41 which will be applied to future charges on your account. For your first renewal you will be charged $7.56 which includes fees and taxes. This charge may be prorated to align with the billing date on your account. Your service will automatically renew on June 04, XXX and renew every month at then current rates. You may cancel at any time by calling us at XXX-XXX-XXX. Your Customer Agreement, including the refund policy, can be found on our website or you can request it at any time by phone. If there is an email address on your account, a confirmation of this transaction will be sent to that email address within 5 days. Do you accept these terms? And may I have your permission to charge your card ending in XXX for all future charges?

SiriusXM and Pandora merged last year.

I’ve had Sirius xm for 10 years. You just need to make sure to renew for a new promo before it expires. I have been paying 5 a month forever

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Ask for “Invoice Billing” when they ask for your credit card to avoid getting charged if you can’t remember to call or cancel before your promo is over.

I feel like this whole sirius XM is a scam…
Much more content available on amazon HD music which costs almost nothing.
Plus you can download it all offline in amazon music app, not sure if sirius XM works far away from GSM towers.

My Amazon hd satellite reception is horrible. The damn satellites never connect.

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XM works via GEO satellites not cell towers.

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When the promo expires they charge at the higher monthly rate. If you see the charge on your credit account call immediately and they’ll credit you for the unused days. I usually catch it a few days after the charge.

If you ask nice they’ll even credit you back the higher charges.

Spotify premium, or Apple Music, paired with android auto and CarPlay respectively. My dad and I use two different eco systems, so we switch with who’s driving. I download music or podcasts on my phone using premium, so I always have what I want available.

I have spotify but don’t like having to use a touch-screen interface in my car to find stuff. I have always been too lazy to make long playlists.

To each his own. There is something to be said about the simplicity of having xm available without downloading, streaming, bluetoothing, plugging in an additional device. And I actually enjoy the xm DJs.


I love my playlists, my current daily list is called hybrid, and it’s about 10 hours long, takes me a week of driving to get through it, and I listen at home when at my PC if I’m not listening to FLAC.

XM has a place, I remember our free trial, I didn’t hate it. But Spotify and my own music on demand is so much better imo, especially since I listen to stuff not in the radio usually.

I live the live dj mixes on xm radio makes life pretty easy