Singed 2019 Mercedes GLC 350E | $400 incl. tax, $986DAS, one-pay or 10 MSD - SoCal

Hey i just leased a Mercedes 2020 GLE and my prepaid maintenance was 1500 residualized for a 3 year lease which was 950 or so.

BUT…I was told that since this was 3 year 10k lease the PPM was only for 10k and 20k service (not 30k service as the car would be returned prior to the 30k service presumably). I still think I got close to even or slightly ripped off with the A and B service but I heard the 10k service (A) is 200 dollars.

For your car with 10k per year for 24 months, do you only get the A 10k service? My lease says covered for 24 months ppm even though it is a 36 month lease

Its Pleasanton, CA

What kind of deal did you get on the GLE?

Seriously, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Msrp 60555 got 11% off msrp, DAS ~2600 (first month, dmv, acquisition). No other down payment. I had another 500 dollar fleet. Payment 686 including California tax of 9%.

This was the best I could get after negotiating for weeks. Most dealerships blew me off (even told me to take the other deal)when I tried negotiating because the car is in high demand. One guy had the same offer but when I came to sign they didn’t have the car there and they kept on pushing back the delivery date (after a few days they just stopped communicating with me).

One other guy on the forum got 12% off msrp which is what I used as a starting point for my negotiating but from what I understand his was custom order and months from delivery.

Money factor was .00125 and residual 58% for 10k,36 months which were the August numbers. Don’t know if I would have done better waiting a day for September

MB allow customer to continue lease the car for up to another 6 month after lease end. I plan to lease a couple more month after two years. That’s why I purchased two year plan. It’s not nessary if you just need two years

@suresha143: no luck for me . They are giving all kinds of reasons on why they can’t honor $399. Quoting $499 now :neutral_face:

Honestly not a bad deal for a new car in high demand. Wasn’t that long ago that dealers weren’t dealing at all on this car. How do you like the car? My wife is on her 3rd GLE and we’ll probably pick up another one when her lease is up.

I considered the q5 which is smaller and cheaper but not very luxurious or as modern in terms of interior design. I am super satisfied after getting this car. It’s got the most beautiful interior in this class I’ve seen so far. Very elegant and I’ve had quite a few compliments already. The drive is smooth, almost as much as my previous Lexus which takes the cake. The exterior is nice but normal overall. That being said when you sit in it you really feel really nice. My only regret is that prepaid maintenance. I got ripped off it looks like.

Sorry, why it’s 850x64%? Shouldn’t it be 850x(1-64%)?

Sorry, why PPM is 552 here? 1050x64%=672, 850x64%=544.

Just curious, why would you take pre-paid maintenance on a leased car? Can’t you just go to your local mechanic for oil changes and even have them change the air/cabin filters?

You can go to a local mechanic but it is easier to just go to the dealer. The maintenance plan isn’t terrible if it is discounted well and residualized.

How’s this deal? It’s a rare fully loaded blue gle 2020.
If I get them down to 960 per month with 2500 drive off , would that be a good deal?

People are posting about GLE in the 400-500 range and you ask us if a 960 a month GLE makes sense? Granted it is “loaded” and 2020, but I would say wait until you can get bigger discounts…

I got the pretty much the same deal with MSRP 58915. The pop certificate 1000 is quite important. I missed it… For a 24 month lease, it is like 45 dollars per month!

Dealer in Socal offering the deal. Pm me for info. Worth a try. They pretty much at the pricing

Sorry forgot to put it is for loaners available. That was offered to me