Signed Vw Id4 Pro S lease

VW ID4 Pro S

After contacting multiple dealers was finally able to come to this deal with base MF and at MSRP without any dealer add ons. Not great by any means but given that many delaers here are selling for up to 5k over msrp or inflated MF, dealer add ons, it is what it is.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2021 VW ID4 PRO S
MSRP: $ 46446
Selling Price: 46,446

Monthly Payment: $ 536.92
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3,000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00143
Residual: 49%
Incentives: 7500 +1500
Region: CA
Leasehackr Score: 7.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

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All these dealers are really milking the microchip shortage. $5k markup is ridiculous (especially on electric car leases where you don’t get the full benefit of the tax write off). Are you set on the car or exploring others?

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I believe op already signed it …

Actually with this incentive, maybe someone can try to hack it … yes not great RV but still …

Op post some pic

Sold at MSRP

No.way no how will I enter into this market paying MSRP


How does the $7500 incentive work? I thought it was a non issue. Meaning you don’t get it, VW keeps it and doesn’t hate it. So may as well not list it.

The bank gets the tax credit. They may or may not (vwag usually does) offer an equivalent amount incentive as part of their incentive offerings. It appears here that they do.

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Without the 7500 +1500 passed down you are looking at a payment of 770+ whith base MF and 49 residual

Got it. Wow! I assumed the high monthly was because they didn’t pass on the $7500.

The ID.4 is a fine electric vehicle, but you can lease a Tesla Model 3 for less. Seriously, $434/month with $3,000 down for a base SR+ even with inflated pricing and no tax credit.

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That’s before taxes and fees. Add another 2-3k at least, which puts it at about the same price.

And the model y is the id4 competitor.


This is for base model 3 does not include tax or government fees. I am sure you can lease other cars that are better deals and I stated in my original post. I just liked the car better. Plus I got rid of a year old tundra lease with 8300 equity. The residual will be 22,000 if it keeps value I might buy it. The 200-250 gas savings from tundra to this with 3 years of free charging made sense to me even at a higher price. I shared the deal to not as hacker deal but jus as imformation as stated above. I am sure if someone can wait down the line this might come down to 300s range.


Mach e, model y and ID4 all around the same size, ID4 by far the cheapest of the 3

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Not a penny discount. Good job (dealer) !


Ouch… not too pretty. :disappointed:

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Good deal on a new ev. Nice to see a dealer not inflating the MF rate. With the 7500 passthrough, I great monthly rate.

Effective $604/mo, i don’t know. I watched Doug DeMuro’s review, i wasn’t particularly impressed


I’ve test drove the ID.4 and Model Y recently, and at this price point I would absolutely recommend the Model Y for those that can wait until September to take delivery. The ID.4 is a nice car that I honestly have no complaints about except for feeling that performance is slightly lacking. It has a lot going for it, and I can see why OP would choose it. Voice controls and the lighting is cool, the stereo is adequate, and the driver assist features are functional. The overall driving experience isn’t amazing, but definitely above average for the brand and segment. There’s a certain premium for it being a brand new, trendy vehicle as well.

Still it’s absolutely mind-boggling how close they are to lease, even with an inflated chip shortage price increase of $3,000 on Model Y. I used Model 3 as an example since I didn’t think the Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive would compare so well. In fact, adding the $3,680 all-wheel drive option to an ID.4 at this lease structure would make it around $50/month more expensive than Model Y.

After taking a closer look at Tesla’s lease calculator, the due at signing amount oddly includes first month payment and a $695 acquisition fee. I’m going to assume taxes and fees are additional, but as far as fees are concerned we’re only adding registration.

A down payment of $2,305, which would make the amount DAS exclusive of first month’s payment an even $3,000, brings the monthly payment to $614/month. That adds 76 more miles of range in comparison and a 0-60 time that’s almost twice as quick. Additionally it includes premium audio, which isn’t an option on the ID.4, and Autopilot which is similar to ID.4’s driver assist suite but more capable.

For being advertised as “the people’s electric SUV,” I don’t see that reflected in the lease or finance payments.


This is not a sports car. vw is competing with rav 4 and honda crv with this car. I dont understand why everyone talks about performance. This is awsome daily driver I am constantly above the speed limit with it. If i wanted a tesla I would get a tesla. I am not amazed at a lot of cars that people pay crazy amounts of money. Its a new ev and you pay a premium for being an early adopter. Down the line this will be a 300 dollar car. I also have a 20 MB gle 350 and this is way more fun and smoother drive. I wasnt aiming to buy a sports car but sure feels like it.


With all that being said the Bolt EUV is probably a better buy. Or even the Bolt 2LT(talking 2022’s)

Oh and to add on, $600+ a month, I’m going to start looking at etrons, no point in a paying a premium for a vw, especially one that looks like a goofy electric, my favorite thing about the etron is that it looks like a normal Audi


Yes definitely. I foresee <$300/month ID.4 leases on here in the future.

You obviously love the car, and rightfully so, and are also cognizant about paying an early adopter premium so I wish you many enjoyable electric miles. I’m glad you’re happy with the car and the deal. :grinning: