Signed v2-Chevy Camaro LT1 - MSRP $42370 - 39/10 $315/Month + Tax. First and Plates DAS

That would be interesting…its always fun to see just how much creativity is involved at the dealer sometimes.

Max markup is 10 times or 1 decimal point

That falls into the woof woof category.

I tried to get this car from them too lol

They’re all over the place and have no idea what any of the numbers mean. They just throw out payment amounts like “high 4’s” and “low 5’s” without any explanation. My conversations with them were a joke. It’s literally the perfect build too - has every desirable option, including Recaro seats and Moonroof :sunglasses:

Yea I have no idea wtf they were talking about $723 a month for the lease… that’s more expensive than if I was to finance the vehicle from them :joy: I told him that’s way to much and he said they already gave me their numbers let’s work it out…. SIKEEEE lol

Maybe they misunderstood and thought you wanted 2 of them.


LMFAOOO :joy::joy::joy::joy: or they wanted to sell me 1 for the price of two :thinking:

Sounds like a dealership special

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what happened to your new lt1?


Camaro bonanza V2 I think is even more fun than V1 was😎.

However, the insane jealousy over the front splitter on @Bostoncarconcierge car posted above was too much so I ordered one of those and should be getting it next week.


I was about to post something along the same lines and then saw this comment from a while back so I figured I would echo the same.

When this car is driven responsibly and with even a slight bit of care the mileage is pretty impressive. I have gotten the same upper 30s when cruising on flat ground at 55 or 60 mph, and I also have seen 28- 29 mpg driving on surface streets at 35 to 50 mph with stoplights etc.

That said, when one needs to hear the Sweet Symphony out those quad tail pipes and the foot goes down, you can hear the loud sucking sound out of the fuel tank😉

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Is it crazy to want one of these as a daily driver ? The commute is about 40 min each way with some traffic. Looking to jump on the bandwagon but haven’t talked myself into it just yet.

Not crazy at all. I am using one as a DD currently until my Jeep 4xe arrives (since that can commute all electric). Even after then I will use this one periodically as a commuter as well, it’s just too much fun.

Not crazy depending on your child/animal/weather situation

That’s a biggie. I am in Florida so I dont think about that much, but I know in the Midwest/Northeast a high horsepower rear wheel drive car is probably not the best choice in the wintertime.

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Northern NJ so most definitely a set of winter tires. The kids and animals are less of a worry with the truck as the primary hauler.

Now to find a supplier code and a dealer to play ball

Definitely not a daily year round in NJ

Winter tires or not that’s a no go imo


Sure for cold weather

But hell no in the snow. Sounds like you have a truck so on snowy days you have an alternate

You may want to look to who just replied to you as they may have a line on something in your area…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: