Signed v2-Chevy Camaro LT1 - MSRP $42370 - 39/10 $315/Month + Tax. First and Plates DAS

Second time around as the first one has been greatly missed since selling it.

Was very lucky the dealer I leased my first through just got an influx of 6-7 more units (they’re all sold now). Thanks again to @JD81 for the intro to this dealer back in Jan.

$315/Month + Tax
First payment and $150 for plates DAS
Also rolled $479 shipping charge into the monthly so while it’s $335/month post tax, the shipping gets it to $348

Supplier and Conquest used


Boring color and wheels :grin:
p.s. Congrats


Thanks…I think? Lol

I have a hydro blue rubicon 392 w extreme recon on the way. That’ll make the driveway more spicy.


Dw, the lip and side skirts make up for that :joy:

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Powder coating the wheels black and doing smoked markers would help it!

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See, I’m right about the wheels lol

I’m not trying to pickup young devushki at the local vodka bar. Boring can be nice.

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I thought the LT1 deals were done. Hmmm…

P.S. nice build and color…

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I had been looking for over a month and it did feel that way. However, it looks like there is a small burst of inventory hitting dealers.

Thank you!

You’ll have the 392 for this :point_up:


All the captives cutting off 3rd party buyouts is holding me back from getting in on the fun. Heck it looks like I unloaded the Tacoma in time too.

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This car is truly a keeper.

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Does the in-home gas station come standard with that fleet or do you pay extra?


He’s gonna have to start brokering gas tankers and take a share in gas

The Camaro does surprisingly well!

The 392 is the only pig.

However, I over-liquidated recently and only have one car in the garage now which is giving me the chills until this Camaro arrives.

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I’m grateful I have 2 cars of my own to have fun with that received my spouse’s blessing. Asking for a 3rd that isn’t a short term commitment is pushing it.

I totally understand where you’re coming from

The LT1 easily gets over 30 mpg highway with the automatic. Matter of fact I actually hypermiled it at about 60 mph for 50 miles on flat ground and mpg over that 50 miles was 37.7!

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Given its a keeper (for 39 months)

Have an extra set of stock wheels (received in lieu of having LPO upgrade wheels) if any interest in take offs for winter, customization, etc … PM if any interest

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Appreciate it!

I say it’s a keeper but the reality is, I’ve only ever returned one lease in my life no matter how long I think I’ll keep them :slight_smile:

Something newer and shinier always comes along

The Jag Sportbrake is the only car I’ve ever run the entire lease through on