Signed: Tacoma SR Double-Cab 4x4 V6 $98.00/Month Plus tax with 1st Month DAS

I was able to get this deal after reading some great posts from: @derekoh1991, @Cody_Carter, @RVguy, @mllcb42 and other awesome members.
I was initially looking to hack a SUV but when I saw the ridiculous residual numbers on this model it was a no brainer.

Year, Make, Model, Trim: 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR Double-Cab 4x4 V6
MSRP: $33,683
Selling Price: $29,957
Monthly Payment: $98.00 plus tax (7%)= $105
Drive-Off Amount: $105.00
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00110
Residual: 85%
Incentives: $1,500
Region: Tennessee
Leasehackr Score: 27.6 Years? (could not get the numbers to exactly match through the calculator for some reason).


Wow 27 years lol

Congratulations good job

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Another amazing Tacoma deal!


Really good job! Congratulations!

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See? It can be done, but not in Texas! Lol


Awesome deal… Wish this was available in MA as well.

Would you mind posting your lease sheet?


No problem, I will post the lease sheet tomorrow.


I think I will hold off till US Bank starts paying us to lease those Tacos!

Good deal…enjoy the ride.

Just curious, doesn’t USB have minimum rent charge @Jrouleau426 or is this TFS?

Looks USB as $1,500 incentive is there…

Thank you. You are correct USB has a minimum finance charge of $2500. That is why I could not go any lower than that in terms of negotiations. I put the total cost of monthly payments a hair above $2500…$2520. That was enough to get the deal financed :wink:


Damn taxes! Did I ever say it couldn’t? IDRC caffeine has me in a haze.

Side note: @vhooloo it’s official, slimmest of pickings here

It’s not $2500 total cost. This should get rejected by the bank but :man_shrugging: Some seem to be slipping through



However, the math is lost on me lol…but hey enjoy the :taco:

My bad. I edited the post. I was referring to the total cost of monthly payments.

Cool. Would really love to see that lease sheet.

You got it :+1:. I will post it tomorrow.


Any help on getting this deal would be greatly appreciated.


@nightowl25 local TN dealer?

And US Bank loses another few thousand on a short term Tacoma lease.

Here is a photo of the US Bank RV team hard at work setting Tacoma RVs.

They’ve been originating these for quite some time so I’m really shocked that their risk team hasn’t plugged this one.


Shhhhh… you’re one of us, keep it quiet we don’t want another 94p/m i3 thing.