Signed: New 2021 Nissan Leaf S - 24 Month, 10k per year, $201/Month including tax, $0 drive-off

Here to share a data point, NOT a unicorn.
In the current market(July 2021), it’s hard to find a EV for around $200.
At first we were looking for a Bolt 2022(too late for 2021) but they were all over $300 (we do not qualify for all the rebates), so we looked the other way.
Disqualified for CVRP($2000 rebate), since already applied twice(had 2 EV before).
Leaf seems like the cheapest option at the moment.
Overall we are happy to find a car that fits the need(cheap enough, commute, save gas(free charging at work))

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Nissan Leaf S (Super base model with charging package, no app support)
MSRP: $34,780
Selling Price: $33,400 (3.97% off :disappointed:)
Monthly Payment: $ 200.43 (w/ 10.25% tax) , $181.80 before tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 0
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.0003
Residual: 58%
Incentives: $11300 ($9800 lease cash + $1500 CCFR)
Region: Nor-Cal


makes sense this would be cheap. the range is painful, i dont think anyone wants these anymore in 2021

Very good deal - looking for similar for my college bound son…


Solid deal at this point in time. MY22 Bolts are probably at least $80 more a month.


The range is low for sure compare to other 2021 models, good thing is that we have another hybrid for long distance travel.
I think it’s a good 2nd car, for running local errands.


The ~150-mi range works perfectly fine for me with my occasional 115-mi round trip commute.

The only issue becomes long road trips for which we use the wife’s SUV.


If you buy/lease a new Leaf, Nissan will give you Turo credit to rent a regular car.

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Oh I didn’t know that, was digging thru the email and found this.
$350 Turo credit and $250 EVGo credit.


I never got my charging credit, still need to chase that down. I think the Turo thing was after my time (I got my 2020 LEAF S last November). but that is pretty cool!

Well, at least something close to $200 in this market with $0 DAS


Yep, literally the only thing leasing at $200 currently…


Don’t forget the i3…

The i3 (if you can even find any left) is not leasing anywhere near $200/mo and $0 DAS.


There was a time, not too long ago, that you had a selection of several econo vehicles for under $200. This is no longer the case. This is the ONLY recent lease I have seen at $200. I3’s as @ras815 said are rare at this point. You will be hard pressed to pull off $200 OTD, with 0 DAS.


234/month (with tax) and 0 DAS on a base i3 is still relatively easy (8% off msrp, buy rate, loyalty incentive, and max MSD) even right now. Some dealers still have inventory or inventory in transit.

Edited my post because I calculated the exact payment.

My numbers are for 36/7.5k terms. Your leaf deal is obviously better in terms of payment but not everyone wants to drive a Leaf and I was just pointing out that there are still other options for relatively affordable leases out there.

Yeah, i didn’t mean to say that the i3 is the same exact price as the leaf. Just that it’s another good option.

I will say that i think the i3 can still be had for sub 200 and 0 DAS if you really put the effort in for a deal…aka find a dealer to do around 10% off.

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Yeah, for sure. not a bad option. I think I saw $250 for one recently in share a deal. In June of this year, we went from 3 drivers in the household, to 5. I gave up on the car search, at least seriously, for the time being. No decent lease options. Used cars are insane. Even Craigslist is a new and improved version of the their normal shit show. Hopefully things turn around soon. Musical cars is not fun.


Problem with BMW has always been the large loyalty rebate. Either part of the family or not.

I’m not:) so I don’t get to play the BMW game :smirk:

Can you provide a breakdown of the $9800 lease cash? Is that specific for nor cal? I know Nissan has $7500 back right now. Unsure where the $2300 additional is from

Not sure, but on Edmunds it shows $9800, which should include $7500.
No breakdown was shown other than “$9800”


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