Signed! Loaner 2019 BMW 430xi, MSport pkg, 6300 miles, 55k MSRP, $357/mo with $357 DAS, 24mo, 10k miles

A huge thank you to @HN308 for brokering this deal as there were many challenges but he got it done. The dealer had to get an exception to lease this loaner with over 5k miles on it and slight cosmetic damage to the rear which was had been repaired AND include all incentives and rebates!!! @HN308 was able to get 20.4% off MSRP. I will post a full review of @HN308 on his review thread page.

2019 Loaner BMW 430xi Gran Coupe
Black Sapphire Metallic / Black Dakota with Dark “Blue Oyster Cult” Highlights
MSport, Black Kidney Grills, Park Distance, Heated Steering Wheel, Harmon Kardon Audio, Stainless Steel Pedals

Daddy is in BMW Heaven.

**MSRP: $55050
**Selling Price: $43825 (20.4% off MSRP before rebates, 33% off MSRP after rebates)
**Monthly Payment: $357.88
**Cash Due at Signing: $357.88

**Annual Mileage:10,000
**MF:.00215 (orig .00165 waived bank fee of $925 for mf bump)
**Residual: 63% (53.37% for 6300 loaner mileage)
Leasehackr Score: 14 (will post lease calc link later)

@HN308 was able to get leasehackr calculator close, mileage penalty included in selling orice.

Will post more pictures in daylight tomorrow.


How are rebates available if the loaner miles was at 6300?

Exception maybe?

And ouch at that residual, was there NO under 5K??!

He mentioned @HN308 got the dealer to crawl back to BMW for an exception.

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How did you get new car rebates on a car over 5k miles? Rebates are 8250 btw with loyalty

they’re 7250 on a 430, but makes no sense that they were applied on a demo w/ so much mileage on it.

You forgot to mention M package in your title :grin:

Great deal on a really nice car, and 24 month lease. Congrats

oops, didn’t get that.

Congrats, Looks great!

Great deal. Just curious, why no MSD?

Great deal!

Ask my wife :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh I know this dealer and this exact car haha did you do your deal with Karl

Congrats @Orangeman96 on the car. Enjoy it in good health.

There is a process to get new car incentives on a car which is barely out of the 5K mile requirements. It is usually done for cars with just couple of hundred miles more than the 5K limit but in this case it was done for this car.

It is not guaranteed to be approved but you never get it if you never ask for it. We asked for it and got it done.


I think no rebates at all, only dealer’s discount. But let him believe what he wants to believe, though I might be wrong of course.

Hey, if dealer is willing to match rebates in discount I’m all for it. OTOH that residual value is a killer! 5K seems like such an arbitrary line for such a sharp drop…

He got rebates and the RV based on 5k without the 5k RV penalty. BMWFS granted this car an exception.

Doesn’t matter what they did, he got a great deal. I was half-joking, BTW.

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I wonder what was so extraordinary about the situation with this car that BMWFS granted this kind of exception?

Excellent deal. Kudos to @Orangeman96 and @HN308! Love the look of the m-Sport package on the 4 series, too.