Signed! Hyundai Palisade Limited

2020 Hyundai Palisade/Moonlight Cloud
MSRP: $48K
Monthly Payment: $549
Drive-Off Amount: $2500
Annual Mileage:12k


What was the sales price?

$620/mo effective on a 48K sticker…? What was the breakdown?

Basically $600 a month, car just came out, so no one will get good deals on these for now.


Well, no one but the other guy on here that got one at 10% off pre incentive. That was a pretty good deal considering.

The other one was SLE model with 40K MSRP and it was around $461 with $1139 drive off. This one is Limited, pretty much with every option

this is the car I am planning to get next year when my Santa Fe’s lease expires. Hopefully same monthly as right now :slight_smile:

Cap cost was msrp 47954 - 1k incentives plus extra 500 dealer discount. Also includes gap insurance

Correct. This has every option under the sun. Incredible ride

They didn’t sell you on extra gap insurance, did they?

true sign of a “good deal” $600 a month on 48K lease but they threw in the included in every hyundai lease free gap insurance.

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come on man. Dont put him down like that. Its a brand new model. I am sure in a year, we can hack it to get close to the 1%.

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Fair but be an educated consumer. Know what comes included in your lease. Spend 15 minutes on this forum and go from there.


I’m not worried what other people think. The car is well worth the sticker price. If anyone can get a better deal then I’ll be happy for them. Just posted for anyone else who could benefit from the info. But thanks for your input :wink:


So um, there was no tangible discount off MSRP past 1% and the incentive?

Not trying to poke fun or anything: the heart wants what the heart wants. I just feel like at least invoice wouldn’t have been out of the question.

Enjoy the ride! :+1:

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Nobodies gonna get this now for invoice. It’s being marked up everywhere if you can find it. Just sharing for the people who don’t wanna wait. Either way it’s great vehicle whether you wait or not. Maybe I should have posted on a different forum since it seems most here will only do hack deals


Wouldn’t say “nobody”

But yeah, the vast majority of folks aren’t getting out at much under sticker. The same majority that overpays for everything else in life.


Congratulations and enjoy your new car.


What are the actual details? You didnt post anything