SIGNED! 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron Premium Plus | MSRP $83,435 | 36/10 | $597/month + tax with $2976 DAS


Great deal and great post! A prime example of what this forum is for; sharing the art of the deal and showing what is possible in a very clear and concise manner. Enjoy the car in good health! Also AudiCare is always a no-brainer for Audi leases it seems.


Thank you!

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I asked and she confirmed the RV bump but never saw the screen and didn’t press any further

Haha, naah I would never do that and not in the market for these…yet, I was just “bored” last night :joy: not much on LH so played a bit :+1:

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What happens if the dealer doesn’t bump the RV? Could you talk to Audi financial?

Financial would reject the deal.

They’ll just juice up the sale price in the business office to make it fund.

Can you get RV bump if you get Audicare after you sign, or is it too late?

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Point of sale or forever hold your peace.

I’m a newbie here, so I’m not sure that I am understanding the numbers correctly, but was this an MSRP deal for the dealer, since all the incentives were government or factory? It is definitely a great deal either way, and it should definitely be repeatable if is was MSRP.

Not msrp. Not by a long shot.


:arrow_forward: This is the pre-incentive discount, which is in addition to incentives from the factory/finance company.

The numbers can be confusing if you aren’t used to looking at them when they’re all broken out.

Big reason we’re all here is to help people understand deals in their entirety, so they don’t get hosed. :slight_smile:


Wow, I see what you are saying now. It was a total of $26k off. That’s awesome.

Always important to model out your deal in the LH calculator - if you plug in the numbers with only the discount from MSRP w/o the incentives, it takes you from $670/mo. to $1121/mo. Become familiar w/ how to build out the calculator and manipulate it…

What was the “regional EV certificate” exactly?

Regional EV certificate was an additional incentive. $5k is for all Audi leases anywhere in the country. I believe the $7500 is for all Audi leases for EVs anywhere in the country. I think the $1k here was for an EV in California? Western US? I didn’t ask. Just ask your dealership if they can check on it for you. Then the $1500 loyalty depends on what kind of Audi you have, and the $1500 Costco is obviously only for Costco members. So basically $12,500 in national incentives and up to another $4k depending on eligibility.

I got offer for 700$ per month no money down. just first payment due at signing 82k msrp 36 months /10k miles in Texas. 13000k rebates, 12% off msrp and tax credits in Texas.


I hope you took the deal.

Great job! Even better than mine. Post your LH calc?

this is the offer

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