SIGNED! 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron Premium Plus | MSRP $83,435 | 36/10 | $597/month + tax with $2976 DAS


2024 Audi Q8 e-tron Premium Plus
Plasma Blue | Black interior | Black Optics package | Cargo Cover | Audi Beam Rings
36/10 lease
MSRP: $83,435
Sales Price: $70,790 (15.15% off)
Incentives: $13,500 (but I was eligible for $16,500 - more on this below)
Residual Value: 55%
Money Factor: .00245 (buy rate is .00205)
DAS: $2976 | DMV fees, doc fee, tax on incentives, first month’s payment (acquisition fee was rolled into payments)
Payment before Audi Care: $597/month before tax, or $658/month after tax (10.25% sales tax rate)
Payment after Audi Care: $609/month before tax, or $671/month after tax.

LH score: 10.2 years

Incentives (up to $16,500 right now - I had $13,500 applied):

  • $5000 national customer cash
  • $7500 PHEV credit
  • $1000 regional EV certificate
  • $1500 Costco (they did not apply this - more below)
  • $1500 loyalty (they did not apply this - more below)

Story: After searching a bunch, I found a great color/option combo and started dealing. Got a 10% off offer, but it had a juiced MF of .00245. Told him I’ve gotten 12-13% off in the past at buy rate and asked what he could do. He said it was his best. I countered at 11% off at buy rate. He said no, but maybe could do 11% off at the juiced MF. I told him I wasn’t thrilled about that but I’d look at the math, payment probably OK. He ended up coming back with a VIP discount but said the loyalty and Costco incentives weren’t stackable, but it would work out better for me. While not as deep of a discount as it seemed, it did work out better than 10% off at buy rate MF because I didn’t get taxed on the extra incentives. $13,500 in incentives with 15% off the car obviously very strong; never like a juiced MF, but I’m of the mind that I don’t care how the deal gets done, just that it gets done. Big extra plus - no junk add-ons that they force you to pay for that I’ve found at many places.

LH calculator of actual final deal

As a public service, I created this calculator modeled to show my “effective” deal - with full incentives I was eligible for, and at a buy rate money factor instead of a juiced one, before Audi Care, and assuming your DAS is all drive-off fees, but drive-off fees only, eg. acquisition fee not rolled into the loan. Payment is low by $8 and DAS is high by $300, but those offset. (In other words, this is what best represents an apples-to-apples “target” deal that’s on par with this deal without the numbers being juiced.) At buy rate with full incentives, it comes out to an effective discount of 10.15% off MSRP. I thought it was weird he went for a deeper discount in exchange for taking away two incentives, but it actually lowered my DAS by $300 because I didn’t have to pay 10% tax on the additional $3k in incentives. So whatever. Could I have done better? Maybe during Season of Audi, but who knows how the programs will be in a couple months, and what inventory will look like.

TLDR here is ~10% at buy rate (not inflated) MF will achieve roughly the same quality of deal - so my deal LOOKS better on paper than it is, due to the marked up MF and $3k in lost incentives… but $670/mo for an $83k Q8e after taxes, after Audi Care, with $3k DAS is still a solid solid solid deal. Obviously would’ve loved a VIP discount at buy rate, but I’m realistic - and this is plenty good. Maybe during Season of Audi, which I could’ve waited for, but I figure better to pounce on a great deal than wait around for a perfect deal. (I shopped for the 2023 e-tron and waited around for a “perfect” deal and kept losing them because the strong incentives made the cars move too fast… I learned my lesson from that.)

DAS breakdown ($2,976):

  • $85 dealer doc fee
  • $50 in tire/electronic DMV/etc fees
  • $787 DMV reg
  • $670 first month payment
  • $1384 taxes on incentives
    ** acquisition fee rolled into payment

Audi Care

  • I added this in finance, which added $1099 to total price / cap cost (not shown in the calculator above for the sake of apples-to-apples comparisons). But it bumped my RV from 55% to 56%, raising my payment from $658 to $671. This represents a total actual cost to me of $468 across three years, for three years worth of annual maintenance services that would come out easily to at least amount that PER service. No brainer if you ask me.

I hope this helps someone!

PS. I won’t be sharing the dealership name out of respect for their request that I don’t, but it should be replicable at many dealerships in CA with an in-stock car if you search enough, talk to enough of them, understand your leverage or lack thereof, and make a strong but realistic ask. That said, this is my third strong Audi lease and I’m happy to give people tips. Drop a reply or a DM.


Great deal, congrats!

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Congrats. Great deal. I’m the same way. I want best numbers. The dealer can move things around as they wish.


Paging @Samaudibh

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Congratulations you did good .

To my LH peeps DO NOT DM to replicate the deal. I’m short on cars and not hacking this month.


Love the warning, @DonnyAudi let’s get it out the way so nobody comes running to you too. Any chances you can get this close haha.

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Sam is right. This only worked because they had the car sold and buyer backed out and they wanted to move the unit after paying to ship it from Nevada did them. Circumstances are key.


10% off MSRP without jacked up MF usually is a good deal.

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which dealer was this anyways?

you must’ve not read the post


it was an audi dealer
sorry @LeaseNYC is being a kevin


Nice deal, congrats! Not sure I follow the logic on Audi Care though (not that it’s really of much importance). Unless you go over on the miles, you’ll only need to do 10k and 20k services. 30k will be on the dealer who gets it at maturity. What services will it need at 10k and 20k?

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Exactly, just look for the four rings.

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This was Ashley Schaeffer Audi, Ashley Schaeffer BMW also has good deals.


The computer tells you when to do it exactly, but on every 3 year Audi lease I’ve had, the service was needed 3 times between lease begin and lease end. 7k, 19k, 26k, etc. They aren’t huge services, but promise if you went and paid cash for each one, it would total out to more than $450 combined. No brainer on a lease because the residual bump offsets over half the cash cost of the program.

Interesting… We’ve had 3 A6s between 2012 and 2020. All were driven just under 10K per year. All asked for service annually based on the original date in service but not on mileage. And we’re in LA always fighting traffic, so those were hard miles.

Another thing is that this is an EV so it won’t need as much maintenance as ICE car. What does the maintenance schedule say besides checks, tire rotation and possible brake fluid flush?

And you can get a VIP 15% code if you watch this 15 times


This is where the phrase “your mileage may vary” comes from. :slight_smile:
For $13/month extra — not sure why anyone would hesitate. You might spend more than if you paid for service out of pocket, but it’s unlikely.
Yes, EV will have less needs than an ICE. But they still need fluids and inspections and what have you. They’ll still find a way to charge you for those services.

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Looks like Sonnen Audi if Im not mistaken

Not Sonnen. I won’t be sharing. The deal/technique isn’t dealer specific anyway; it can be achieved anywhere depending on their inventory and motivation level.